Secret trick to generate the traffic on your fanpage!

There are many tips and tricks for Social Media marketing. However, there is never enough of knowledge, especially  in Social Media marketing.

In this blog post we are revealing a secret, that will definitely help you to generate more traffic on your Facebook fanpage. So are you ready to learn it?

Let`s have a look at this example from



Looks like a simple post with a simple question, nothing special. In reality let’s look on those components:

  • Question: Which car brand was used?
  • Help: was used in the movie “I,ROBOT” with Will Smith as a main character.
  • The picture in the post to pay more attention to it.


Basically, it’s an easy question people can find it easily in Google and find needful info, and post an answer in the comment field. This is the first thing which you want to do – Google it, find an answer, post it – easy as it is. 

Imagine how easy you can receive comments and likes on your fanpage. Your subscribers spend more time “with you” on your fan page, leaving a comment. They google information, type the answer, or copy and paste it, read other comments etc. Effects? 15 comments, 21 likes and 1 share – looks good!

If you look at this innocent question  you may realize that for subscribers it may create so called concept, giving them competition spirit. This key tip will help you to make your page more dynamic and your subscribers – more active, involving them into the group.

Here is another example of the same tip:)