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Simplify and Beautify Your Links

Enhance your links with our URL shortener tool. Transform long, messy URLs into short and sleek links with just a few clicks. Share them effortlessly on social media, emails, or printed materials, ensuring concise, professional, and user-friendly links. Experience the convenience and elegance of simplified links with our powerful URL shortener.

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How to Shorten Your URL Links

1 Access Account Settings: Go to your Social Media Publishing account and locate the 'account settings' option.

2 Enable Shortening: Inside the 'account settings,' ensure that the 'short enabled' box is checked to activate the URL shortening feature.

3 Automatically Shorten Links: Once enabled, simply insert a URL into your social media post as you normally would. The link will be automatically shortened for you, making sharing effortless and concise.

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Track Your Campaigns and Comms Seamlessly

With the link shortener, you can see it every time someone clicks your link. Whether it's an email, marketing campaign, product, content, or portfolio, you can view how many times and when your links are viewed. Helping you to gain valuable insights on how to increase and grow your click rate.

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