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How to use Snippets in Postfity?

How to Use Snippets in Postfity to Save Time and Grow Your Blog

Use Snippets in Postfity to Save Time and Effort

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1) Open the Snippets and click on the button “Add new snippet”.

2) Then, an edit box will appear where we can enter a text. It’s titled “Content” and it’s not optional. Click on the box “Enter your snippet here…” and write or paste a text.

3) There’s also an optional “Title” section. If the title is provided, it will be shown on the snippets list instead of the content of the snippet.

4) Once you’ve finished filling in the boxes, click “Save”.

How to use a saved snippet?

After you’ve saved the snippet, it is ready to be used. To put it in your post, simply open Snippets and click the box with the snippet.

The snippet will appear exactly where the blinking cursor is positioned, so check its position before clicking. See an example of a ready post with a snippet text below.

The snippet will remain saved as long as you do not delete it. Therefore, you can use it every time you need it in a post.

Searching saved snippets

There can be multiple texts in the Snippets section, so a search bar comes in handy. See a ready list consisting of three Snippets below.

You need to click on the search bar and type in a word or a hashtag you want to find. Upon searching, only the snippets with this word will be displayed. See an example below.

Thanks to this option you don’t have to scroll down or peruse the list to find the right snippet. Then, you simply click on the snippet and it will appear in the post.

If you want to see all snippets again, simply clear the search bar.

How to edit snippets?

You can edit each and every snippet that you have saved. After opening the tool, simply click on the

icon (A) and select the option “Edit snippets” (B).

Once you’ve clicked it, you enter edit mode. New buttons appear in this mode: edit (A) and delete (B). You can use them to edit the text in the snippet (A) or delete the whole snippet for good (B).

When we click the “Edit” button (A), we enter the selected snippet and can change the content as we please. You can also add or change the title (optionally). After you’ve added or changed words, simply click on the “Save” button.

Exiting the edit mode

The edit mode, once enabled, will not turn off on its own. The icons will be visible, even after you come back again to Snippets. To exit the edit mode, simply click on the

icon and select “Close edit mode”. Then, you will be back to the standard view.

Brief summary

Now you know how to utilize Snippets and all their options: adding a new snippet, edit mode and more. It is a simple yet very functional feature in Postfity. It will help you write your posts effectively and simplify adding hashtags and captions. Go to your Postfity panel and try it out! See our tutorial if you have more questions.