4 Ways To Promote Job Offers On Instagram

September 29, 2019

How to promote job offers on Instagram? This has recently become a relevant question for many business owners hiring new employees. With one billion active monthly users (yup, you’ve read that correctly), and 500 million of them per day, Instagram has become a place for not only showing off your abs and holiday pics, but also for looking for new talent. In this post, we will discuss how to promote job offers on Instagram to get applications from your dream future employees! 

Businesses utilize this particular visual platform to set the stage for brand visibility, communicate with their followers, and engage potential and current influencers for collaboration. If anything, Instagram is a well of opportunities for brands all around the globe. But what about their image as an employer?

In recent years, more attention has shifted from pure customer-oriented positioning towards that of splitting their social media time to show off their employer identity. Businesses now use Instagram, among other social networks to seek out potential candidates, filter out the talent they’re interested in, and create an online reputation for their brand as an employer. Still, not every brand has caught wind of this trend, and if you’re among them, this is your perfect opportunity to add Instagram to your hiring strategy. Here are the four key ways to promote your job openings on this platform and attract the right employees.

Get visual with your Insta posts

Too many companies still neglect the relevance of the visual portion of their job advertisements, and that’s not a mistake you can make if you’re on Instagram, a platform famous for its love for all things visual. Even if you use a basic smartphone, you have access to high-quality photos, but you can also use professional photos made at the office that will showcase your brand. Keep in mind, simplicity is the best choice, as it can be difficult for your followers to dwell on an image that takes time to figure out – they’ll likely scroll right by.

Get visual with your Insta posts

You can even use two different photos as a way to test your Instagram job ads and check which one gets more responses and better engagement rates. Logos and other branded segments of the image shouldn’t take up the entire image, since genuine photos of your employees, office atmosphere, and the like will actually be better-received than the emotionless, stock photos where you can just slap a logo of your brand and move on.

Wanna Promote Job Offers on Instagram? Ensure brand consistency across platforms

Despite the growing popularity of remote hiring, some brands still work in local offices and hire local people to grow their local economy. In the example of the fast-developing Australian market, this makes all the more sense in larger cities the likes of Sydney or Brisbane, so using platforms such as Instagram alone can be quite tricky, as they might get global exposure that will deliver too many poorly-qualified employment leads. To balance the scales, the Australian business also use other websites and digital platforms to promote their local job openings. The key here is to make those ads consistent in order to instill trust in your candidates.

Job Offers on Instagram

As an example, recruiting for jobs in Brisbane can be done successfully with the help of reputable websites where you can post your employment opportunity and then match it to the one you post on Instagram. Make sure that the job description, together with the specified location where the job is offered are outlined in the same way on your Instagram post. Any inconsistencies can lead to confusion, and you may miss out on valuable leads. When you use the same copy with your brand at its very essence, you can reach a wider audience and build a trustworthy image of your brand as an employer.

Harness data on your desired candidates

Although the location of the job is one factor to keep in mind for brands that do stay true to local hires, there are other details you should keep in mind as well. Just like with your customers, you need to create a detailed target audience brief that contains all of the right information to get your ads in front of the right Instagram users.

Their Instagram profiles are much like resumes but from a more personal perspective. Your brand culture thrives with the help of unique individuals who are made of those preferences, so recognizing the same personal traits via Instagram, in addition to general guidelines such as education level, social causes, diversity, and the like, can help in your quest. Use hashtags that are specific to your ideal candidates, and you’ll also be able to narrow down your reach and ensure the right levels of visibility for your ideal talent pool.

Best Way to Promote Job Offers on Instagram? Show off your brand culture

Just like your customer-focused campaigns have their limited budget scope, so do your employment opportunity posts. However, your Instagram employee hunt efforts shouldn’t begin or end with an ad. In fact, the ad alone should be a fraction of your brand’s way to spot candidates. The same way you’ve invested time, creativity, and ingenuity to attract and engage customers, you should use the same mindset to build an image of your brand as an employer, consistently so.

This is not limited to periods when you’re hiring or when you know you’ll be looking for backup in a matter of weeks. This is an ongoing strategy that helps you build a rapport with your talent pool even when they already have jobs and you don’t need to hire them (yet). Regular posting schedules that are based on employer-related content will help you show the world what it means to work with your brand and your existing employees. This is one of the easiest ways to harness candidate interest in the months prior to the actual hire so that you can “groom” your leads and woo your potential employees effectively.

Wrapping up

Instagram is an asset ready for your HR team, and you can use it to your advantage when hiring talented people to grow your business. Don’t limit your online social media identity to the one that is customer-oriented. Build your brand’s image as that of an employer, too, and you’ll be able to hire more effectively and boost your retention rates for the long haul.


Jacob Wilson is a business consultant, and an organizational psychologist, based in Brisbane. Passionate about marketing, social networks, and business in general. In his spare time, he writes a lot about new business strategies and digital marketing for Bizzmark blog

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