Postfity Use Cases – All the Great Things
You Can Do with Postfity!

Social Media Scheduling

Do you want to be able to schedule posts to multiple social media accounts across 5 different social media platforms? Postfity’s post scheduler allows you to do it in minutes — schedule up to 10,000 pending posts to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google My Business and Vkontakte!

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Video Scheduling

Video marketing is king in 2021! Postfity allows you to schedule videos to multiple LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts at once!

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Post Inspiration

Never run out of ideas about what to post again with Postfity’s Post Ideas and Social Tips Calendar — share the latest news and hot articles from different industry sectors, or schedule ready-made post templates to your social media with one click!

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Social Media Graphics Editor

Forget about Canva or Photoshop — with Postfity’s Graphics Editor, you can create beautiful graphics from templates and stock photos right in your social media scheduler — without switching!

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Snapshot Generator

Create an engaging snapshot that looks like a Twitter post. Customize it by changing the template or background image.

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Link Shortener

Save the precious characters on Twitter and LinkedIn with an in-built Link Shortener!

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Create sophisticated URL sites for Instagram and TikTok bios, and other pages. Track traffic and boost your SoMe performance.

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You can add a saved text or whole groups of saved hashtags to your post at once. Easily create a list of Snippets i.e. for hashtags and reuse them in your posts.

No more searching for scattered tags every time you’re posting!

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Posts Drafts

Work effectively on your own or collaborate in a team on creating and approving post content. Send drafts for customers’ approval.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is where all the answers to your questions are.

Why can’t I see my LinkedIn account in Teams?

If a LinkedIn account you had access to before disappeared from your Team Accounts, contact the Team Administrator. Most likely, the original access token has expired, and the administrator needs to renew the account connection and connect the LinkedIn account again. This happens by default every 2-3 months in line with LinkedIn’s security policy.

How do I log into the mobile app?

To log into the mobile app, set your password in the ‘settings’ tab of the desktop app first. Then log into the mobile app: >  Go to „manage passwords”.

When will I get an invoice for my subscription?

If you pay with PayPal your invoice will be issued at the beginning of the following month.
If you’re making your payment via a credit or debit card on Paddle, your invoice will be available straight away.

How quickly can I get customer support?

Chat with us in-app or send us an email and we'll get back to you within 24 hours. We'd love to hear from you!
Frequently Asked

This is where all the answers to your questions are.

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