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What is the calendar and how does it work? 🗓

The calendar has been created to give you a clear view of your posts. This feature also allows you to publish and plan posts for each day of the month. How can you use it effectively? Let’s take a look.

There are two options available to display your calendar

 The first one is changing the view type to the calendar on your “create page”, to do that:

1. Open your postfity panel and scroll down.

2. Under the post editor section, you can find a “view type”. Click on it to open the drop-down menu and choose “calendar”.

3. Now, you can see the calendar view.

 The second one is simply using the subpage on the postfity panel.
You can either do it by clicking the “calendar” in the main menu here:

Or copying and pasting the link below:

How to choose an account?

Calendar page

You can select an account by choosing an appropriate user icon.

You can switch teams and groups to choose an appropriate account. To do that:

1. Click on the list next to the “filter accounts”.

2. Choose an appropriate team or group.

Another option is to search it by name, using a minimum of 2 characters.

*The maximum number of chosen accounts is 10.

Create page

If none of your accounts is selected, the notification will be displayed, as you can see below.

You can choose accounts simply by clicking on the preferable ones on the left side.

Bar with few options

In the right top corner, you can spot a three dots bar. If you click on it, options will show up. Let’s take a look.

 Opening the calendar on the fullscreen – the calendar will be opened on the fullscreen. To go back to the previous view, click on the “exit fullscreen” button or press the “esc” button on your keyboard.

 Switch mode – you switch between multiple accounts mode and single account mode. Depending on what you choose, you will be able to select either multiple accounts or just one account.

 Clear selection will erase the selection of all the accounts you have chosen.

How to filter your posts on the calendar?

You can filter posts by clicking on the list next to the “filter posts” here:

Then you can choose one of the following options:

All – selection of all posts

With error – selection of posts with some errors that have not been published

Published – selection of posts that have been published on your social media

Scheduled – selection of posts that are scheduled for the future

There is also a possibility to filter your posts by the message. To do that, use the box marked in the photo below and type at least 3 characters.

What kind of view types are available?

There are three types of views that might be useful for planning your social media calendar.

You can enable them easily by choosing one of the buttons:

Here is what you will get after choosing a “month view”.

If you want it to be more precise, you can choose either the “week” or “day” view, which are shown below.

You can find there four navigation buttons:

The first one returns the view to today’s month/week/day.

The second one is a small calendar, where you can choose an appropriate date.

The last two buttons help you move between months/weeks/days.

Actions that you can take with calendar posts

 Planning posts

If you are looking at the calendar, you can see a “plus” button you can click.

If you do that, the “create post” box will be displayed, so you can plan it. You can read more about creating and editing posts [here].

 Managing published posts

If you choose the post that has been published, you will be able to take some action.

 reuse button – you can use the post again.

 open button –  the new window with your post on social media will be opened. Sometimes the link might not be available for certain Social Media or posts.

details button – the new window will be opened. You can check the details of your post there. You can also open it on the target social media or reuse it. You can read more about it [here].

 Managing scheduled posts

If you choose the post that has not been published yet, you will be able to take some actions, as you can see down below. The post preview will show up.

The way of displaying the preview varies a bit if you choose the view of the day.

By choosing the “edit” button, you can edit your planned post. You can read more about editing your post [here]. You can then edit the content of your post, add photos, video or create an image. There is also an option of publishing your post immediately or deleting it.  

 Moving your posts

There are two options to move your posts. The first one is available simply by grabbing the post you want to move and dragging it over the place you want it to be published.

The second one is about replacing the dates of two posts. To do that, grab one post and hover it over the second post you want to change it with. The replacing icon will show up. If you drop it there, your posts will be replaced. I will show it in three steps below.

Holidays calendar

You can spot the “

” icon next to the date in the Calendar.

You can read more about holidays calendar here.