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Watermark 📷

Stop thieves from stealing your photos!

Watermark is being used to secure your photos from stealing them. You can add it easily to every photo you post via Postfity. Read this article to get more information. ☟

To enable the watermark, go to the “settings” page in the menu bar. Then choose the “social accounts” tab.

Scroll down until you reach the watermark settings and click on the box to make it active. Once you make it active and the watermark image will be uploaded, the watermark will be added to every photo you attach to your posts.

After that, you will see the active fields where you can choose preferences for your watermark, such as the position in which your watermark will be displayed in the photo and opacity (where 0% opacity means that your watermark will be completely transparent in the photo). Remember to set those parameters before uploading your file.

After those steps, you can click on the “choose file” button and select the one you want to upload.

Watermark is created when the photo is added. That is why previously added photos will not be updated.

The maximum watermark size can be 500×500, as you can see below.

After uploading your file, click the “save watermark” button to save the changes you made.

Let’s take a look at our post with the new watermark!

As you can see in the photo above – the watermark is visible and placed right in the center.