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Timeline 📍

If you want to see your planned posts, use Timeline! Sometimes using the calendar view might not be very clear if you would like to look at your most recent scheduled posts. In the Timeline, you can see them starting from the most recent one. You can also search them by the message, as well as by the active accounts.

Opening a timeline view

To open a timeline, scroll down on your Postfity panel and find the “view type” list. Then choose “timeline list” as shown below (the “timeline list” is set up as a default view).

Filtering posts

There is an option to filter your posts for chosen accounts which you can mark on the left sidebar. You can do it simply by clicking on the preferable accounts on the left side.

It still won’t work until you check the box here, which enables the option of showing posts from active accounts.

You can also search your post by entering a minimum of 3 characters in the box here:

Available Options

There are a few options to work with your post. You can read more about them by clicking on each choice below:

🔶  Preview

🔶  Edit

🔶  Reuse

🔶  Multiply

🔶  Publish now

🔶  Delete – This feature is created to delete your posts. Be careful with it as there is no confirmation box displayed. Once you click that button, your post will be deleted permanently.


The number of the scheduled posts will be shown here.

If there are quite a few of them, then to reach the latest one, you should scroll down and find page numbers.

As you can see, there is also a bar next to the number of posts. If you click on it, it will inform you about the status of using the limit of scheduled posts.

Information about the posts

As you can see in the photo below, there is a bar with information about your post.

The scheduled time is shown on the left side. If you work in the team (check your teams by using this link –, the information about the author is placed on the right side.

If the time zone varies from yours, it also will be marked in the information bar. You can see the difference in the photo below.