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Social Media posting limits ⚠️

Did you know that there are social media posting limits? Well, there are some, and to avoid blocking your account, check out this article.

Different social media have individual limits of uploading posts per day. If you exceed the limit, sometimes it might result in the account suspension. We care about our customers, and that’s why we keep the limits to avoid blocking your accounts. We want to keep away from spamming and promote only authentic sharing.

Each social network has its guidelines. While scheduling your posts, please remember about them. We presented them in the list below.

Posts per day

🔶 Facebook – 25 posts

🔶 Twitter – 800 posts  

🔶 Linkedin – 100 posts

🔶 Instagram – 25 posts

🔶 VK – 50 posts  

🔶 Google My Business – 100 posts

🔶 Pinterest – 5 posts

However, these limitations do not affect the number of posts you can store in the queue at the same time.