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Snapshots 🌟

Snapshots are used to make your post more attractive with a few clicks. It is the easiest way to diversify your content on social media. Let’s take a look at how it works.

How to generate a snapshot?

You can find the Snapshots icon next to the emoji icon on the bottom panel in the edit box. Click on it to generate a snapshot. When in doubt, hover the mous over an icon and see the tool tip.

The “Generate snapshot” box will be displayed, and at that moment you can select an account for the Snapshot. Then, you can pick out a template that suits you and your message.

Moreover, you can a link to an image you want to use as a background. Simply click on the toggle switch (as marked in the photo below) and then there will be an input field where you can paste the previously copied URL of an image.

The last step is simply clicking the “Generate” button to see the preview of our snapshot.

The snapshot has been generated and you can take a look at the preview. As you can see below, you can now either:

🔶 add it to the post, so just use the snapshot,

🔶 or download it and save it for later.

If you want to use it immediately, then just simply use the “Add to post” option.

Look at the snapshot attached to your post below the edit box. Now you can simply schedule it and see it do well on your social media.

Remember that the watermark will be added if you have previously enabled it.