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Multiply button ✖️

There is an option of multiplying scheduled posts. For example, if you are organizing a sale, which will last for a week, you do not need to plan every post separately. By using the multiply option, you can manage your posts easier.

After clicking on it, the box will be displayed. You should fill it up with the number, which says how many times your chosen post will be copied. Then, select the period (measured in days) between post-scheduling. Confirm your choice by clicking the “confirm” button.

Before using this option, the post about the sale was scheduled for the 13th of May, as you can see in the photo below.

Let’s take a look at it now.

As you can see, it was copied 2 times with 2 days span between each repetition.

You can also easily delete all the copies you made. To do that, go to one of the copied posts and click on the “edit” button.

Then, click on the “delete copies” button.