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Emoticons 😉 😆 😜

What are emoticons? They were created to reproduce real emotions on the internet. You can use them to diversify your posts and make them more attractive. In recent years they have become so popular that we cannot imagine the Internet without them. That is why we created a shortcut that will help you use emoticons in your posts.

Where to find emoticons?

Open the “Create post” box. You can find a small icon of the emoticon in the upper-right corner. Click on it to display a list of emoticons.

As you can see in the photo below, there are several categories of emoticons:

🔶 frequently used,

🔶 people & body,

🔶 animals & nature,

🔶 food & drink,

🔶 activity,

🔶 travel & places,

🔶 objects,

🔶 symbols,

🔶 flags.

That is all, now use them in your posts! You can read more about creating and editing posts [here].