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social media scheduler for facebook - Postfity

Facebook Scheduler

Do you want to be able to schedule posts to multiple Facebook accounts? Postfity’s Facebook post scheduler allows you to do it in minutes – up to 10,000 pending posts!

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LinkedIn Scheduler - Postfity

LinkedIn Scheduler

Do you want to be able to schedule posts and videos to multiple LinkedIn accounts? Postfity’s LinkedIn post scheduler allows you to schedule up to 10,000 LinkedIn posts with graphics and videos – both to personal profiles and pages!

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Social media scheduler - Postfity for Twitter

Twitter Scheduler

Set and forget your Twitter posting and see your Twitter follower count grow! With Postfity’s Twitter Scheduler, you can schedule text tweets, Twitter videos, graphics and GIFs! Again – up to 10,000 pending Tweets!

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Instagram posts scheduler

Instagram Scheduler

Plan posts and videos to multiple Instagram accounts from the desktop with Postfity’s Instagram Direct Scheduler!

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Vkontakte posts scheduler, Postify

Vkontakte Scheduler

Conquer the Russian-speaking markets with Vkontakte – the ‘Russian Facebook’ and the most popular social media platform in Russian-speaking countries!

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Facebook cover scheduler - Postfity

Facebook Cover Scheduler

Did you know that Facebook Covers are an excellent free marketing space? Take advantage of this untapped potential and schedule up to 200 Facebook Covers at once!

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Facebook Groups posts scheduler, Postify

Facebook Groups Scheduler

Facebook groups are a great way to engage your audience more personally. See how easy it is to use them to promote your business – and schedule posts and videos in your Facebook groups!

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Pinterest Scheduler

Plan posts to different Pinterest accounts with Postfity’s Pinterest Scheduler! Add or create your own photos and write descriptions.

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Google My Business Scheduler

Do you want to be able to schedule posts and videos to multiple Google My Business accounts? Postfity’s GMB post scheduler allows you to publish directly from the desktop! No more workarounds.

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