User Stories: Passion, music and social media - How a US DJ Zack French grows his music business using Postfity

May 21, 2019

A lot of people stumble upon their life-calling by a complete chance. This was true for Zack French aka James Black - a US-based DJ who discovered his passion for the DJ deck stand while doing his postgraduate degree in Music Production. After trying DJ-ing for the first time as part of the course, Zack immediately knew he wants to do it for life. Translating passion into profits is not always easy - but Zack soon realised he loves using his skills to help people create memories on one of the most important days of their lives - their wedding day. And that's how his DJing business - James Black Entertainment LLC - was born.How does Zack use social media to promote his business on Social Media? How does Postfity help him do social media marketing effectively? And why did he choose Postfity in the first place? Keep reading to find out!

How can a DJ use Social Media to promote his business?

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It seems like using social media may be challenging for someone who offers experience as his service. Especially when it comes to music - how can you show your DJing skills on social media? How can you let your audience feel the good vibes on screen?Unsurprisingly, the answer is: video. Zack uses mostly video to show the behind-the-scenes to his audience. He also posts short snippets of his everyday life (think singing in the shower! Well, no, but almost ;)), rehearsals, interviews with wedding guests etc. The content of the post needs to be as interactive as possible - so that people get involved in the conversation. The more reactions and comments the better - it boosts your organic reach on Facebook - so you need to keep responding to comments to keep the conversation going.Zack uses mainly Facebook and Instagram - that's where he finds most of his target audience, and that's where he feels most comfortable.Wanna learn more about how to use video on Facebook effectively? Read our post on Facebook video marketing strategy here.

Instagram for the bride!

Once someone contacts Zack about DJing at their wedding, he uses social media not only for talking to his potential clients (a great customer services tool!)It's mostly the brides who are calling the shots. Sometimes the groom contacts me after I was recommended to him, and asks me to persuade the bride to chose me [laughter] instead of someone else...but it's mostly the bride that chooses the music, venue ect.. It's her day. To make that day really special and personal, Zack tries to figure out what his client really likes and wants by...following her on social media.You can read a lot more from someone's Instagram than you think - what kind of style they like, what kind of things they enjoy - it all helps me gear my gig towards the preferences of the couple. Pinterest is a real goldmine of information - the music has to match the mood of the venue, the style of the party, and the couple's personality perfectly.Zack spends a lot of time talking to the couple (also mostly via social media) to understand what they really want, so he can make the big day really memorable for them:It really makes me happy to see everyone hitting the floor and having a great time. It's one of the most rewarding parts of the job.

How Postfity helps Zack in his daily work?

Why Postfity? When Zack realised that social media are going to be the main marketing tool in his business and that the more he posts - the more engagement and recognition he gets - he started looking for tools to streamline his work.It's a relational business, so you need to post all the time to keep the conversation going. It can be challenging when you're actually doing the work though - so I needed a social media scheduler to keep posting for me when I'm actually DJing. Zack decided to do proper research to find a social media scheduler that would suit his needs and stumbled upon Postfity -I tried a few [social media schedulers], but I didn't need all the functionalities and quite frankly didn't want to pay extra for them - I was looking for something simple and easy to use. Postfity was definitely the best value for my bucks.

Wanna contact Zack? Reach out to him on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!

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