How to use Facebook covers for marketing your (e-commerce) business - case studies

January 4, 2020

A Facebook cover is the first thing users see when visiting your profile. So if you want to boost your marketing efforts, you should choose a cover that is unique, catchy, and that reflects your brand identity.

In this article, we will discuss how well-known brands use Facebook covers to promote their products. Also, we will give you tips on how to create a perfect Facebook cover for your eCommerce business and achieve the marketing goals set.

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Use videos

Today, video content is king. So if you want to maximize your marketing efforts, you should use a promo video as a Facebook cover. It’s a great way to grab the users’ attention and get them interested in learning more about your products and your brand.

For instance, a famous fashion brand Prada uses the video from the fashion show to draw customers’ attention to its new collection. And it works. Once users see new dresses on models, they want to visit Prada’s website and know the prices.

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Showcase your products

Facebook is a perfect platform to present your brand. And the Facebook cover is an ideal spot to showcase your products. So if you don’t know what Facebook cover to use, just choose any photo of your new or bestselling products.

Yep, it’s that simple. The vast majority of clothing and jewellery brands use Facebook covers in this very way. Swatch, Pandora, Jimmy Choo, and many others showcase their products like this.

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Screenshot source:

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Create a collage

If you want to use your Facebook cover to showcase your products, but can’t choose only one product from a wide range, it’s not a problem. You can combine a few photos of different products into one beautiful collage.

Here is an example of a stylish collage crafted by Stradivarius. The clothing brand has used six different photos to present key items from its new collection.

Screenshot source:

There are dozens of free apps that you can use to design colleges online. So you can create a catchy Facebook cover your eCommerce business without spending extra money. The vast majority of modern online tools have a user-friendly interface, so you will see no difficulties in creating collages.

Place your ad

Do you have lots of followers on Facebook? Are they loyal to your brand? If both your answers are “yes”, you can try to use a video ad as a Facebook cover.

Do you wonder whether well-known brands also advertise their products in this way? Yes, they do. For example, Colgate uses Facebook cover to promote its new toothpaste. A short, 24-second video helps the company to reach a wide audience without spending extra money on advertising.


Screenshot source:

But keep in mind that if your product is new to the market, and your struggle to raise brand awareness, this approach will not work for you. A video ad will scare visitors away, and your marketing efforts will bring no results. So you should think twice before deciding to use Facebook cover as an advertising platform.

Maintain brand consistency

It’s worth mentioning that if you use more than one Facebook accounts to promote your products, you shouldkeep your brand consistent across all the accounts. It means all covers you use should be in one style and format.

For instance, Reebok has two separate accounts: Reebok (main account) and Reebok Classic. Both accounts have the same cover – the brand logo. The only difference 

Screenshot source:

Screenshot source:

“If you want to raise brand awareness and build customer trust, you should maintain brand consistency on social media. You should use similar Facebook covers to help your customers to distinguish your brand account from other brands on the web,” says Melody Robinson, a digital marketer atThe Word Point, an online translation service.

Focus on your values

To boost your marketing efforts, you should use your Facebook cover as a tool to communicate your brand message to your target audience. You should use an image, illustration, or video that expresses the values of your brand the most.

What is the mission of your company? What values do you promote? What goals do you want to achieve? Try to choose an image that provides the answer to these questions, and you will achieve great results.

Let’s consider an example to illustrate this point. Tefal is a company that sells cookware and small appliance. It targets ordinary families who like to cook at home, not professional chefs who work at high-end restaurants.

Tefal creates products “For a home full of life”. The company tries to deliver its idea by using a suitable Facebook cover - the photograph of mother and daughter involved in the process of cookies making. This image makes customers it clear that Tefal promotes family values, and that Tefal products help to create a homey, cozy atmosphere in the house.

Screenshot source:

Use illustrations

Keep in mind that you can use not only photos and videos, but also images, illustrations, and any other relevant visuals. You can choose any visuals that reflect your eCommerce business identity the most.

Take a look at the following example. Nestle has used an illustration that depicts the mother and son, house, trees, and fields. The company chose this image to enhance its brand message – to show that Nestle cares about families, nature, and the environment. 

Screenshot source:

Promote your branded hashtag and your website

It’s worth mentioning that you can also use your Facebook cover to promote your branded hashtags or corporate websites.

If you are running a hashtag campaign or trying to drive more traffic to your website, follow Tresemmé’s example. This brand has placed its hashtag #TresNYFW and the domain name of its site in the top right corner of the Facebook cover. And that’s helped Tresemmé to draw the followers’ attention to the marketing campaign devoted to New York fashion week and to drive sales.

Screenshot source:

Be proud of your achievements

If your company got an award, or if your products were mentioned in a reputable publication, feel free to add that information to your Facebook cover. Use your achievements to your advantage – show your customers that your company is a leader in your niche. It will help you to convince your target audience that the quality of your products is high and that your products are worth their price.

Here is an example for you. Kenwood used its Facebook cover to announce to its followers that the company was awarded as Small Home Appliance Brand of the Year. That was made to grab the users’ attention and influence customer buying decision.

Screenshot source:

Bottom line

As you can see, different brands use different types of Facebook covers. Every business is unique. And there is no one universal solution that fits all.

So if you want to boost your marketing efforts, you should analyze your target audience in detail and focus on the values your brand promotes. You should test your ideas and find out what type of Facebook covers appeal to your customers the most. Weigh the pros and cons of every option and make an informed decision.


Erica Sunarjo is a communications professional with more than five years of experience. Erica runs her own blog BestWritersOnline and is proud of her uncanny ability to explain the most complex subject in simple terms.

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