How to use Facebook for B2B SaaS marketing?

September 13, 2020

Facebook has long been a staple in B2C consumer goods marketing (all these retargeting ads chasing you around once you've visited any e-commerce site?) - but a lot of SaaS businesses have shunned the biggest western social media platform altogether. After all, B2B SaaS business users and buyers hang out mostly on LinkedIn, right? Wrong. In this post, we'll talk about a few ways how B2B SaaS businesses can use Facebook in their marketing in creative ways. Disclaimer - we won't be stating the obvious that you need to have a Facebook page for your SaaS product and post beneficial content on it ;)

1. Create a Community in a Facebook Group Around Your Persona

postfity group

First of all - everybody's using Facebook. If you, your grandma, and Elon Musk are on Facebook - so are your ideal target customers. And the more you hang out with your ideal customers, the better you know them, and the better you can provide them value.Starting your own group on FB can be a great way to build a community, brand affinity and organic engagement with your content (provided you don't linkfest the group, and provide the key value points directly in your post text - people will find the links if they want to).E.g. in Posftfity, we created a group Social Media Marketing Academy - which helps other social media marketers exchange ideas and best practices.The key to any Facebook group success though is curation - set Membership Request Questions and don't be tempted to admit anyone. Admit only the people who meet your criteria of your SaaS' 'ideal customer persona' (or a potential adjacent user - someone who is not exactly the ideal persona, but has the potential to become a user).

2. Use Facebook Retargeting Ads to Reactivate Users at Risk of Churn

Now, this is an interesting use case. If you're running or working in SaaS marketing, one of your top priorities should be user retention. You should create onboarding and feature engagement experiences inside your app that will help people engage more with it.What if...your user has stopped using your product regularly though?You would send them an email, right?Most SaaS companies would give the same answer to this question. Which means, your users' inboxes are pretty crowded.How to stand out then? With Facebook retargeting ads encouraging your slipping-away users to check your app out again.Simply segment your users by their activity levels in your user analytics tool, download their email list, and create an ad based on that. This is how you can upload your email list to Facebook and how to target your users based on that.

3. Network, Find Target Users and Interview Them

This is closely related to point 1 - if you want to serve your users well, you need to hang out with them. You don't need to set up your own Facebook group to do that though - you can still hang out with your target personas in other groups. Ask them for interviews which you can use both as marketing materials on your blog, and to inform your product roadmap.

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