Twitter top 5 tips each of us should know

September 7, 2014

Twitter is one of the main tools to make your business recognizable among your potential audience. However, so many people need useful advices from users with experience. We can agree that there is never too much of good advices about posting on Twitter. Let’s take a look on top 5 advises from Bryan Harris, founder of Video Fruit.

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  1. Keep closer to schedule

One of the main rules of success in Social Media is to be systematic in postings. In case if your business has a Twitter account please remember to post on the regular basis.

  1. You shouldn’t read each tweet

Bryan was saying that after several month of his usage of Twitter account the amount of his followers raised dramatically. He was stressed because of tones of unread posts, Bryan was trying to read each of it. Reading tweets of 200 followers daily is physically impossible.Lists on Twitter give us the solution in cases, each user can create lists of people from your professional area, or people from your family sop it look nice and easy.

  1. Communicate

Don’t forget that Twitter is a social network, so don’t forget to cooperate with other users there. Let’s say if someone helped you to create some content do not forget top mention this person in your tweet using the @ symbol, after which have to write name of the user.

  1. How does @ answers work:

Remember this rule: if you are starting your tweet with @ symbol it means, your tweet will be visible only to a person to whom you are replying and your friends. However, if you want your tweet to be visible for all your subscribers, put the @ remark in the middle of the tweet or at the end of it.Avoid usual mistake in Tweeter – starting a tweet with a username, which means that only the sender, followers and person who is mentioned in the tweet will see it. But don’t you want your tweet to be moved on the timeline of your followers (not only to be seen by them)?Solution: add a “.” period at the beginning, so @ won’t be the first character of the tweet.

  1. Publishing the same tweet for several times is fine

Remember that Twitter is not your private mailbox, so all you tweets will be recognized and read, so keep in mind one trick – if you know that there was nice information material in your tweet, and your audience liked that , you can share later it one more time. Thanks to to this tip other people who haven’t seen that tweet– can check it.

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