Twitter shadowban – what is it and how to deal with it

Twitter shaddowban is one of the penalties you can get for abusing Twitter follow tools to increase the follower count on your profile. But what does the penalty really mean for you? Is it possible to remove it? And what to do not to get shadowbanned in the future?

We will answer all of these questions in the post below – in 5 minutes or less!

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Table of Contents:

  • What is Twitter shadowban?
  • What are the reasons for Twitter shadowban?
  • How to check if you’ve been shodowbanned on Twitter?
  • How to deal with shadow ban?
  • How to prevent Twitter shadow banning?

What is Twitter shadowban?

If you’ve been shaddowbanned on Twitter, it simply means that your Tweets don’t show to your followers, and that your Twitter account doesn’t appear to those searching for it. Worse still – you won’t even know about that. Your shadowbanned Twitter account is visible to you – but invisible to anyone else.

What are the reasons for Twitter shadowban?

Twitter featured image shaddow ban

Why does a shaddowban happen?

Twitter denies shaddowbanning accounts, there are a few likely reasons for it:

  • to clamp down on spammers
  • to eliminate trolls and bots
  • to crack down on accounts abusing automation tools (e.g. follow/unfollow bots)
  • to crack down on users sharing the same content to multiple accounts via social media schedulers

Basically, the Twitter algorithm takes into account the following elements when shaddowbanning:

  1. account authenticators (e.g. profile picture, profile creation date, phone number, whether the user has confirmed their email or not)
  2. your actions on Twitter (e.g. retweets, follows, likes, tweet frequency, similarity, hashtags)
  3. your interactions with other users (e.g. whom you follow, retweet, block, mute, like – and vice versa)

How to check if you’ve been shadowbanned on Twitter?

So – as we mentioned – the issue with shadowbans is that you may even not know you have been banned. You may notice a sudden drop in engagement of your followers with your account though.

You can check if you have been likely shaddowbanned on some sites, like e.g.

How to deal with shadowban?

  • Shadowbans last usually around 72 hours
  • You should leave your account alone during that time, but you shouldn’t go back to ‘normal’ – whatever you did that got you blocked in the first place

How to prevent Twitter shadow banning?

  • do not abuse follow/unfollow practices to gain followers fast
  • fill in your profile completely
  • add your profile picture
  • don’t use ‘spammy’ hashtags such as #sale #followforfollow #f4f
  • don’t share the same content to multiple accounts
  • avoid banned hashtags (see more here!)