Twitter Hashtag Strategy for 2020

November 24, 2019

Twitter hashtag strategy should be different from your hashtag strategy for Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook. Let's dive into what you need to consider to create an effective Twitter hashtag strategy for your business in 2020!

How Hashtag Strategy works for Twitter in 2019

Twitter icon

Twitter was the first to introduce hashtags – and has by far the most sophisticated hashtag algorithm.Hashtags on Twitter are used to classify Tweets into categories - streams.You can search Twitter hashtags by:

  • Top
  • Latest
  • Author (People)
  • and the medium of the postphotos and videos are displayed in separate tabs.

Suggested content based on where you are

Twitter also suggests hashtags you may be interested in based on your location and your the people you follow already.The suggested hashtags can be seen under the ‘Trends for You’ tab (on the right). This is crucial for your Twitter hashtag strategy – so you may want to change your location in the settings to that of your audience. Then, see what is popular in their area – that way you can check what your audience is likely to find in their Suggested Hashtags under ‘Trending in <user’s country>’.

280 characters, and not a single more

Your Twitter hashtag strategy will aslo be affected by Twitter's character limit - each post can be 280 characters long maxincluding the hashtags. To save on character count:

  • Use only 1-2 hashtags per post – and make them part of the #sentence
  • Wanna stand out in the most recent hashtags? Add an interesting photo to your post.
  • People often go to Twitter to read the latest news – so, recent hashtags will be checked more often if they refer to news.
  • Use hashtags like you use ‘long-tailed’ keywords in SEO – choose niche ones rather than short and generic – compare: #marketing vs. #InstagramInfluencerMarketing
  • Forget about using hashtags that are popular (trending) but not really relevant to your content/ business or audience. This can do you more harm than good (you can get reported).

Now that you know how to use hashtags on Twitter, go to your Postfity account and make sure you actually Tweet regularly ;)Go here to find out more about creating a Twitter content strategy!

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