Tweet to Instagram – 2 Ways How to Post Beautiful Snapshots From Your Tweets Directly to Your Instagram Account

Have you ever seen screenshots of Tweets on Instagram and wonder how people can tweet to Instagram? Like the one from Gary Vee below:

Gary Vee Tweet to IG


Styled snapshots of Tweets on Instagram are nothing but nice graphics. But if you were to do them by hand – it would require quite some graphic design skills…this is something Gary Vee may be able to afford, but do you think all these people on Instagram hired a graphic designer though?

Of course not. They are using tools to repurpose their Tweets into Instagram graphics.

In this post, we will show you two ways (free and paid) how to create beautiful snapshots of your Tweets – and turn your Twitter content into valuable Instagram posts – without any help of a graphic designer.

We will discuss the benefits of repurposing Tweets into IG snapshots as well!

Why should you share your Tweet to Instagram? The Benefits of sharing Twitter Snapshots to Instagram

As Simon Sinek used to say: ‘start with a why’. So – why should you even bother with sharing snapshots of your tweets to Instagram? 🤔 Here are a few reasons that are good enough to try:

  •  content repurposing saves tons of time – sharing snaps of your Tweets to your IG feed is a great way to produce more compelling content out of what you already have. Especially if you’re running out of pretty photos (which we all are – hello pandemic.)
  • you get to promote your Twitter on your ‘Gram and get more Twitter followers
  • it will make your Instagram feed more diverse and engaging – especially if you’re in a field with a high Twitter presence, such as politics, social sciences, finance, economy etc. (see more here)
  • cross-promoting your content on different social media accounts is a great way to increase your visibility.

Now that we know why you should share Twitter snapshots to Instagram – let’s see how to do it!

Free ‘Tweet to Instagram’ Repurposing Tools – Postfity Virals

Postfity Virals is a brand new (and completely free! You don’t even need to log in, leave your email address or create an account!) tool that allows you to convert any Tweet into a beautiful graphic (snapshot) with 3 templates and fully customizable background. Any Tweet – not only from your own account!

👉 You can try Postfity Virals directly here: 

Using the tool is as easy as 1,2,3:

  1. You simply go to and paste the  URL of your Tweet into the field provided and use one of the three templates for your snapshot: Tweet to instagram postfity virals 1
  2. Then, simply download your snapshot: Tweet to instagram postfity virals 2
  3.  …and upload it to your IG or schedule via your Instagram scheduler!

Speaking of which…

If you’re managing multiple Instagram accounts and don’t want to upload your snapshots to your IG one by one – the best option for you is to invest in a social media scheduler with a Tweet-to-Instagram functionality.

Paid Tweet to Instagram Repurposing Tool – Postfity

If you want to convert your Tweets to Instagram snapshots and sent them to your IG feed all in the same place – Postfity is the best tool for you. You can use this social media scheduler to schedule Twitter snapshots to not only Instagram but also to Facebook, LinkedIn and Vkontakte – which is a great way to promote your Twitter even more and gain more followers! And the time savings from avoiding context-switching between the different platforms and accounts? Priceless, obviously (although with Postfity, after the 30-day free trial – it comes at a very modest price – starting from $8.33 per month – for which you get access to all the scheduler’s features.)

So how to creat Twitter snapshots for Instagram with Postfity?

  1. Go to the scheduler and type in your Tweet text: Step 1- tweet to instagram
  2. Select a Twitter account you have previously linked in Postfity (on the right). You will then see a grey button ‘Generate Snapshot from Tweet’. Click on it, and you will see a new dialogue window where you can select a template for your Tweet snapshot: Step 2- tweet to instagram
  3. You can also use a custom background image for your snap:Step 2- tweet to instagram - custom
  4. After you have customized your Tweet snapshot, click on the blue ‘Generate Snapshot!’ button. It will show you a preview of your snapshot and give you the option to either use it in a new post, or download it to your desktop: Step 4- tweet to instagram
  5. After choosing ‘Use in new post’ you can now schedule the Tweet Snapshot not only to Ig, but also to any other social network you choose – either immediately, or to be posted at a specific time in the future:Step 5- tweet to instagram
  6. And that’s it!

Now – that was easy! If you want to try how scheduling Tweets to Instagram works inPostfity sign up for a free trial now – no credit card required!!