Best Black Friday Deals for Marketers and Freelancers!

November 24, 2017

It's Black Friday again! Shopping centers are crowded and online stores are having difficult times with server responsiveness. But Black Friday is not limited only to Fashion or Electronics...Check out how much you can save on different Social Media tools today!It doesn't matter if you're a graphic designer, marketer or a freelancer. We bet that you have used one of this tools before and some of the offers are really tempting...

1. 3 FREE MONTHS of Wordpress Premium Toolkit by wpmudev

The offer by WPMU DEV team is something jaw-dropping really...

You can get access to full library of their Wordpress Plugins completely for FREE and use it for the next 3 MONTHS!If you are using Wordpress CMS in your work than this plugin pack is really a must-have.You need to hurry! The offer is limited to first1000 users only! (There are just over 200 free slots left, when we are writing this text)


2. 50% OFF for the FlatIcon subscription.

Flaticon is one of the best places to find icons for your projects.608,500 vector icons grouped in 11,419 packs.Nearly every icon is available in PNG, SVG, EPS and PSD format.

With the promo code the subscription costs you 5USD/month.With the premium account you get access to over 100k additional premium icons, no attribution required, dedicated MacOs app.Unfortunately, the code gives you 50% of ONLY THE FIRST PAYMENT!So in monthly subscription — it's just a one month deal. If you are 100% sure about the service, we strongly advise to Annual payment (44.99 instead of 89.99)Use the code: BLACKFRIDAY50 during checkout!

3. 20% of the Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription

It doesn't really matter what do you do in your work.There will come a time, when you will need a product from the Adobe Creative Cloud library.Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Muse, Experience Design, Spark, Premiere Pro, After Effects... You name it! Give me a person and I will find him an Adobe tool that he needs...

You can save 20% with the time-limited offer on the CC subscription.


4. 50% Off For the Postfity Social Media Manager Subscription

Social Media Manager is a must have tool if you have a social communication channel for your business or company, or if you are managing someone else social media as a freelancer.With Postfity you can schedule, analyse, add photos, watermarks, automatically generate UTM links... and much much more!

Till Cyber Monday you can pay only 50% of the usual price for the Annual subscription.If you would like to pay monthly, than it's 30% of the usual price. This 30% discount will be added to EVERY PAYMENT, until you will decide to cancel our subscription.So basically you can get professional Social Media Manager for about 5$ per month for a LIFETIME!


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