Top 8 ideas for content marketing

April 25, 2018

Lack of inspiration might be irritating, especially when deadlines are piling up and you have to come up with some brilliant idea quickly. Below you will find the answer where to find useful content inspiration. No matter if you are a professional marketer or amateur looking for some good content sources and interesting websites.Before introducing the list of TOP 8 content marketing inspirations, it`s necessary to think of key factors, which decide where to start. Content marketing is a very wide issue that depends on:

  • topic
  • target group
  • context

Let's have a look at the first key factor. Isn't it obvious that first of all, it's essential to think of the subject of our content? It will vary depending on the main area of our interest. That is why you need to create a base of sources for each topic to be flexible and adequate with your content.The second important thing, which is related to the first one, is the target group. If your recipients are teenagers from the UK, you can't have the same content as for 50-year old adults from Australia; even if the topic is the same.The third aspect that you need to think of is context.. There are many fails of big companies that are caused by misunderstanding the context. That means that you have to think of a place, time and mentality of your potential readers.

Top 8 content inspirations

Keeping those key factors in mind, let's have a look at few examples of content marketing inspiration, which might be useful while planning your posts on Postfity or any other website.

1.AllTop (

This website aggregates all of the top news and information in real time. Each topic is carefully crafted and this allows you to see what's happening around the world quickly and from trusted sources. It's categorized into different tabs (news, sport, technology, entertainment, business etc.), which makes your research easier. Additionally, you may find many interesting facts, that are essential for XXI century development.

  1. SmartBrief (

They introduce themselves with these words: SmartBrief is the leading digital media publisher of targeted business news and information by industry. By combining technology and editorial expertise, SmartBrief delivers the most relevant industry news – curated daily from thousands of sources – in partnership with leading trade associations, professional societies, nonprofits, and corporations.So if you are looking for some content related to business industry, we recommend you to have a look at this page.

  1. StumbleUpon (

Here you will find any information that is related to a topic that you personally choose. In the beginning, you just mark 10 main fields that interest you. Later by clicking a button 'Stumble', you get one random information related to one of the fields marked before. It's useful if you really don`t know where to start your research.

  1. Buzzsumo (

If you are a professional content marketer, Buzzsumo is a great tool that shows you the popularity of each topic on different social media channels. You just have to type a keyword it shows how many shares/likes/links has a specific post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest. Additionally, you may filter information by date, content type, language, country, word count, filter domains.

  1. Hastagify (

This tool is useful especially for Instagram or Twitter content. How does it work? You just have to type in a hashtag that interests you and you get the results of its popularity. It's possible to analyze it monthly, weekly or recently. In addition, you also get a correlation of popular hashtags, top6 languages, spelling variants and top countries where the # is used.

  1. Google Adwords keyword planner research tool

The easiest way to find out which words are the most popular among Internet users currently, is Google Adwords Keywords Planner. You just have to type in a keyword that interests you and see the popularity of searches in the past time. It`s also possible to set a country and languages befor you analyze it.

7. Post Ideas by Postfity (

If you are Postfity user you should know that we've already done a part of a job for you. In Postfity application you will find a special feature called POST IDEAS. You can choose one of 10 categories (business, computers, games, health, arts, recreation, science, society, sports, home) and do your own research in one of those fields. It's very convenient to have everything in one place, isn`t is?

8. Use your life as inspiration

Many of us forget, that virtual world is not the only one we live in. There are many situations, inspiring talks, random thoughts that come to mind during the day... Why not use it as a starting point for our content? What's more, this kind of content is usually much more interesting, because it's real. Nowadays, authenticity is very valuable and easily verified. So, don`t forget to get up from your chair, close your laptop and go for a walk. Sometimes it's much more productive than digging abyss of the Internet.

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