The Top 5 Ways to Grow Your Subscribers

April 29, 2017

When it comes to driving sales, and leads, one of most effective tools that a website has is emails. The truth is, social media marketing, while quite popular in 2017, is not the best form of marketing. In fact, time and time again the experts always point back to establishing and growing a list of dedicated subscribers. Why? Email marketing is effective and it works. Once you are able to attract a subscriber, you already found an individual who is interested in what you will sell. With proper email marketing, an individual can begin making thousands of dollars with a mere list of 1,000 subscribers.The magic question becomes, how do you grow your subscribers? Check out these 10 proven ways to grow your subscribers.

1. Provide a Quick Solution


There have been millions of startup companies that struggle to develop an email list. How many times have you visited a physical store or many an online website and a company is begging for an email address? The truth is, if you are wanting to grow your subscribers, you need to think in shoes of your audience.Everyone wants answers – and quick ones too. No one wants to spend months upon months doing something if they can evidently accomplish or achieve their goal from simply providing an email. If you are wanting to grow your subscribers, you need to find a quick solution that you can provide your audience. Take look at a quick graphic:


Do you see how this company appealed to their audience? Ask yourself, what can you provide your audience that would be enticing enough to subscribe?

2. Contests and Giveaway

Another method for driving your readers to become an official audience member is to entice them with contests and giveaways. Through hosting and marketing a proper contest and giveaway, you have the opportunity to literally go viral. To offer or host a successful contest, take a look to see how others in your niche are holding contests and giveaways.


If you want to learn from some professionals, check out this case study all about going from 0 to 150,000 subscribers.

3. Multiple Opt-Ins

We talked before about providing the audience and readers with valuable content and a solution. Now, do you plan on only offering in one location? The truth is, there is a science and truth behind where you should be placing your opt-in forms.

  • The moment they access your page.
  • On the top bar/side bar.
  • About page or Specific Page (Commonly known as Hub Pages)
  • The footer of every post.

The math behind these specific locations is that no matter where the reader is, there is box waiting for their email address. You better believe that your conversion rates will be much higher knowing there is more than just ONE location to subscribe. On top of this, make sure your opt-in forms are unique, different, and creative. You should not be utilizing the SAME opt-in form images, colors, text or anything of that. Get creative if you want to grow your subscribers!In fact, do you want some science behind this all? Check out this case study over on Plug Matter.


4. Upgraded Content

Do you think the most successful businesses with large emails lists are only offering one free solution for their email? Today, email marketing strategists are developing new techniques every day to drive more traffic and subscribers than ever. Get creative and think of other content ideas that you can offer your readers as a form of upgrade content.Here is a great example of how Brian Dean did this:


Take the time to brainstorm different ways that you can offer upgraded content for your readers. The most important thing is to make it different than your regular pop-up opt-form. Many companies will offer mini eBooks as their main opt-in form and checklists as their upgraded content. You could also offer infographics, videos, or even small email courses

Social Media


The last way that you can increase your list of subscribers is by utilizing social media to your benefit. Whatever you plan to offer your viewers and readers is considered your lead magnet. This is essential to hooking readers and converting them into subscribers. Your lead magnet can be used for marketing purposes across all social medias to entice your readers. A successful and powerful lead magnet could attract thousands, if not, millions of views and subscribers!If you are struggling to develop a high quality lead magnet, check out this video right here:

Once you have a lead magnet, you can begin to market this with beautiful images on Facebook and Pinterest. You can gauge how successful a lead is by how many people on social media are drawn to your image and link.

The First Step

Now that you know the top proven ways to establish and grow your subscribers, you might be wondering what the first step is, right? Well, start building your email list! Depending upon whatever email list building service you are using, design it, make it appealing, and brainstorm, using these ways, how you can make a difference today. By developing an effective strategy utilizing the proven ways in this email, you will quickly begin to grow your subscribers faster than ever before.

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