Top 5 tools to analyze your social media communication

August 1, 2018

How to improve social media communication? Which actions are good and what to change? Without knowing where you are in the current moment, it's hard to choose the right direction. It’s important to know your aim and consequently make small steps toward improvement. That is why we want to share with you, which tools might be useful in your social media communication analysis.


At first, we would like to remind you, that Postfity offers a wide range of social media services – including the possibility of analyzing your results. In the analytics overlap, you will find all the needed information to analyze different social media channels. As you can see on the image below, you may choose between different options to analyze posts:

  • likes
  • shares
  • comments
  • link clicks

About the app in a nutshell:

  • Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, VKontakte, Xing
  • Price:
  • Recommended for: all brands, which manage different social media platforms


Is a great tool to analyze your Instagram and Facebook profile. Apart from analyzing photos and videos (added as usual posts) it also allows you to have an insight into your Instagram stories.

About the app in a nutshell:

  • Social media: Instagram
  • Price: Starts at $9/month
  • Recommended for: Brands based mostly on Instagram (and Facebook) marketing.


This analytics tool is a bit different from other presented in this article. Why? Buzzsumo gives you an insight into how content from your website performs on social media. So, for example, in order to find out how many shares your blog article received on Facebook/Twitter, with this app you may easily see that.Additionally, Buzzsumo will give you information on which type of content looks best on each social media profile, taking into consideration: length, type, publish date etc.

About the app in a nutshell:

  • Social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram
  • Price: Starts at $99/month
  • Recommended for: Bloggers or brand that main focus is on blog promotion


It’s one of the most common tools for analyzing your website ROI and also tracking social media campaigns. Maybe it’s not specifically a “social media analytics tool”, however, it accomplishes it's function. Don’t forget that GA also gives you a possibility to create reports for social media tracking!You may also see how much traffic comes to your website from each social network, or use UTM to track a specific social media campaign.About the app in a nutshell:

  • Social media: All
  • Price: Free
  • Recommended for: all brands with the official websites


We’ve already described what influencer marketing is and how it differs from advocacy marketing in our previous blog article: you know how important influencer marketing becomes nowadays. Obviously, by using this tactic, it’s recommended to also see the results of cooperation. Tap Influence is a platform that helps you to find potential influencers and then track campaign performance.If you are a brand that is based on influencer marketing, Tap Influence is highly recommended in this case. However, if you cooperate with influencers from time to time, it’s not extremely necessary.

You can easily analyze your results of cooperation with influencers by clicking "analytics" overlap. There, you will find a possibility to go through reach, views, and engagement of each campaign. Additionally, by clicking the overlap "benchmark", you will be able to compare your score with industry standards.

About the app in a nutshell:

  • Social media: Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube
  • Price: Contact for pricing
  • Recommended for: Brands involved in the large-scale influencer marketing campaign

Which one would you recommend? If you have any option, that was not mentioned before, feel free to share in comments below ;)

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