Top 4 Tools for Creating Video Intros Online

January 23, 2017

Video intros for your apps, Youtube channel or projects can add professional touch to your work and boost your audience! We’ve tested top 4 online free, best intro makers, all of them are effective and easy to use - even if you never used video editing software before.

If you know how to develop an audience on Social Media, try to follow the right timing, plan and schedule your content to corresponding hour, it's time to spark up your brand presence! Create stunning video with best intro makers available!

Using visual content can significantly boost your reach, and we are not only talking about images in your blog posts or those published on facebook feed.

Videos are on the rise right now and it can be your best option to choose when posting to socials.

How to create some kick-ass videos without any technical skills?

We have tested and ranked few of the most popular intro makers which you can use to create your video for free!



The application has a large selection of videos templates.

You can create here not only an intro, but also explainer animations, infographics or product promotion videos.

randerforest creator

The downside is the lack of sample music for upload and in the free version - Renderforest watermark

video intro
After few minutes your video intro is ready to publish

A big plus is an ability to embed a company logo. The application is simple, nice and easy to use.

2. Biteable

biteable logo

Biteable calls himself "the world's simplest video maker". And there's a reason for that:  it allows you to really easily create the online video intro.

You can choose a template and create your video intro in 4 easy steps.

Biteable creator
Select scenes, colors, and music to your intro.

You could also start from scratch and create new video project by using available animations, footages, or your uploading pictures.

Pick a scene for your video
Pick a scene for your video

Without a doubt, Biteable is simplest world's video maker!

3. Vipid

Vipid has an easy navigation and large selection of themed templates.

The disadvantage is the inability to see the finished video  - only the individual slides of your intro.

Vipid preview
Vipid preview

However, being easy to use and having a large selection of templates relating to the popular cinematic intros are the undoubted advantages of this app.

vipid's templates

4. Panzoid

panzoid logo

Panzoid gives you great possibilities when it comes to customising videos to your expectations.

However, navigation is not so simple and obvious and requires a dedication of time to find the features you need.

The big advantage is the choice of templates and the ability to adapt them to your needs.

That customisation also includes customising video soundtracks.

You need to download the files to see the final results.

Camera animation
Camera animation

Due to the high potential of customisation, like for example a camera animation, this program is perfect video maker.

Whichever tool you choose - you can rediscover the power of video on your social media channels.

Your video intro may be your calling cards, allowing you to stand out from the crowd.

Along with the good timing, and right selection of photos you can really make a huge impact on your audience. 


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