Top 10 sites with free photos for commercial use

April 13, 2015

Searching for the appropriate photos could be a disaster at the moment when it should fit your content and be available for a free commercial usage. You are definitely familiar with the fact that good graphics/ design/photos could create a needful first impression of your product or service, as a result this impression can influence on the user behavior.It is critical to have a good database with nice and user friendly search engine.Of course it is great if you are able to make good professional photos by your own and if you are a Photoshop guru, however if you are not and you are desperately searching for a free photos for commercial use which you can use in you articles/blog, so here you have a list.1. Pixabay - german website with huge database of high quality pictures. Pictures are shared under the Creative Commons licence.


2. Dreamstime - the main part of content if paid, however this website has a tremendous amount of pictures to be used for free. In order to download pictures you need to register for free.:)


3. The Morgue File - was created in 1996 by a designer MichaelConnors. On the website you can find a small request to acknowledge the artist's accomplishments credit the photographer when possible, in order to keep the author rights.

morgue file

4. ImageFree - has a really good picture but with limited collection for a free usage. You need to be registered in order to download a picture.

The imagefree

5. Stokpic - has a unique collection of pictures, and if you will subscribe on the updates, for every 2 weeks you will receive 10 photos on your e-mail for free.


6. Public Domain Photos - contains 5000 free photos and 8000 cliparts


7. Death to The Stock Photo - nice project from Allie and David :) Just leave your e-mail and receive a fresh wave of pictures in your mailbox.


8. Realistic Shots- quite new but good project with small picture database, however new pics appear there every week.

realistic shots

9. New Old Stock - if you are big fan of vintage photos, you should go here and check this out.

new old stockk

10. Free nature stock – if you are writing about trevelling, nature, this webpage is for you.


No items found.

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