Top 10 Chrome extensions for marketers in 2018

April 18, 2018

For many of us, social media have become a workspace recently. We are digital marketers or social media specialist and if we want to use its whole potential - we are obligated to learn how to manage this new way of work properly. Today we will show you the top 10 chrome extensions in 2018, that are going to boost your productivity to another level.

Plugins mentioned below are useful if you are a digital marketer, work with social media or just spend a lot of time on the web. They let you manage your time easier, faster and, of course, more productive. Let’s have a look at our list and give us a shout which one you find the most useful nowadays.

Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions for Marketers in 2018 chosen by Postfity1. PocketLet’s ask yourself a question: how many times have you found interesting article or post on social media, but did not have enough time to read it? Instead of creating dozens of files or sending them to your friends via messenger - try using pocket. The only thing you need is installing the plugin and when you see something you would like to read later - just click on the Pocket icon in your browser and come back to chosen article whenever you want . Simply as that. The app synchronises with all your devices automatically, so you will never lose time to find a missing content.

2. What Font and ColorZilla

Exceptionally, the second point includes two tools due to their similar functionalities - What Fonts and Color Zilla. What are they? Both are very helpful, especially if you work as a graphic designer. First one allows you todetect web fonts by just hovering any text. The plugin identifies a name of the chosen font in seconds, so there is no need to do manual research.Actually, ColorZilla provides us with the same functionality, but with regard to colours used on the site. You can get colour details even of one single pixel used on the site.

3. Grammarly

Do you manage a multiple social media accounts every day? Do you create blog posts or articles on your website almost continuously? This app is certainly for you.Grammarly is a perfect tool for people, who work with text. It makes sure, that the text you type is clear, mistake-free and whether the context is fine. What is the most important, thanks to Grammarly you will never waste more time to make sure, that your content is prepared properly. The app always works in the background, so there is no need to turn it on every time you want to check the grammar out.Another plus is, that Grammarly offers the most useful functions completely for free. Using premium account you may, for example, reveal plagiarized content.

4. Toggl

While spending a lot of time working on the computer it is important to control how much time different activities take us. Unfortunately, in many cases, we don’t notice passing hours and at the end of the day we struggle with lack of done tasks.Luckily, we have got the tools doing it for us. One of them is Toggl that we use at Postfity every single day and recommend others too. The tool tracks your all activities in the background and prepares a special report for us. With Toggl, you can optimize your work and make it more effective.

5. EMAIL Tracker

Do you send dozens of e-mails every day, but never receives an answer? Would you like to know if your recipient has already read the e-mail or just missed it? E-mail tracker will help you with that. This app lets you know once the e-mail was read. When the recipient opens the message, you will be notified by app automatically. It is available for most popular mailing platforms such as Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo, so you should not have any issues with usage or implementation.

6. Google PageSpeed Insights Extension

The latest research shows, that loading the website more than 5 seconds (comparing to 1-second site loading) may result in dropping down your conversion rate even dozens percent. Surprising, right? This small difference may deeply affect your company’s earnings, therefore you have to remember, that website optimization is very important.There is a lot of tools providing analysis of your website speed, but I would recommend one particularly - Google PageSpeed Insights Extension. Plugin implemented in your browser will analyze your website in terms of quality score and get you all necessary tips to push it in right way.

7. RiteTag

We have already written on our blog why hashtags are so important and about the latest case related to banned hashtags on Instagram ( . Today we introduce you a tool, which helps you become a king of the hashtags game. Rite Tag Chrome Extension is the tool, which based on the text and pictures gives you suggestions about right hashtags choices. As an extra functionality Rite Tag tells us if used hashtag does make any sense and is explored often. All of this, again, just with one click.

8. PostfityOf course, we could not forget about Postfity plugin.Postfity makes posting to social media fast, easy, and convenient. The truth is, people waste so many precious minutes jumpingfrom social media to social media to post content. It’s time to take control of your social media posting. Save time today with Postfity by scheduling and publishing posts across various social media platforms directly from your browser without leaving a page.

We have also prepared for you short 30-seconds tutorial how to use this extension. Let's watch it on our Youtube channel here.9. Extension ManagerAs you can see there are plenty useful extension worth downloading, however using those all may not only help you manage your work easier but create new organizing issues instead. In this case, Extension Manager plugin gives us a hand and lets us manage all of our extensions in one place. Just by one click, you can turn them on or off and also change more advanced settings.10. What about you? What is your the best chrome extension in terms of online work?Have you used those extensions yet? Which ones do you find necessary while working on social media? Maybe there is something else we do not know, but would help us and our readers? Please write your opinion in comments below and share with us more innovative solutions!If you still struggle with lack of useful plugins, we recommend having a look at our list presented last year. You will find it here:

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