Tips How to Use Video for Your Social Marketing

Video blogging and video marketing became more popular nowadays. You should not have a big brand and huge budget for doing that.  However how should you do that, which strategy to use for sharing it?

We will present you the best tips to be used to grab attention to your video marketing.

1. Be consistent

You should have a schedule for posting a video. It does not matter when you record it and edit, but be consistent while posting your videos. In order to grab attention of your subscribers you should keep in mind that, if e.q. they are used to your video posting each Tuesday, it should be on Tuesdays. Imagine yourself waiting for your favorite TV episode, if you already know that each Tuesday or Friday your favorite video episode comes out, you won’t be happy if it doesn’t. Post you video at the same day of the week.

2. Short video trend

The video should be short. If it is too long, it is difficult to control the attention of subscribers.

3. Teach people how to do something

Tutorial and training videos are quite trendy at the moment. If you want to grow sales of your product you can share tutorial videos of” how to do something ” by presenting you product e.q. cosmetics, food etc.

4. Work with comments

There are two types of comments: negative and positive. No matter what type of comments are there for your video you can use it and make your strength.

a) Positive

Ideally your videos should make people say “thank you”, and there is basically no need to comment it back, however if you will react somehow and mentioned that you are happy to help etc., that will be wonderful. Moreover, this can create a conversation related to your super video.

b) Negative

Well, you should not remove it, that’s the rule. You should definitely comment those ones from official account and use the negative comment as an opportunity. Remember 90 % of situations depend on how we react on them. 🙂

5. Behind the scenes

You can gain more subscribers showing what is going on behind the scenes of the episodes which you regularly usually post, showing this way, “what is going on behind the closed doors”. For example a Day behind the scenes from pizzeria, or recording company etc. You can do a short mix, so your subscribers will be happy and amazed.