Tips to remember while starting you FB ads campaing

December 3, 2014

Measuring the success of FB ads campaign is the key moment, when you want to reach people you and your business need at the same time reaching the audience which needs you and your business.

In this article we will list main simple steps to follow when you are starting your FB ads campaign. Those are things which are easy to understand and remember!

  1. Generate conversion pixel.

First of all you need to generate FB code in order to add it into your www code. This will help you to find out what people doing next after liking your FB fun page. This will help you top analyze and measure how successful are your FB ads.

You will be able to answer those questions:


1) Who likes you fan page?

2) How many of them have registered?

3) How many people visited your www?

4) How many users among them made an order?

This code you can generate on Go to the measure tab and simply click create pixel and then magic will happen.

  1. Target groups

Starting any campaign it is important to define your target group in Audience tab.a) First of all you need to direct your ads towards the group of people who already have visited your web page. Custom audience button will be helpful in that case.For example you want to direct your ads to people who have visited it a week ago, therefore automatically you can specify the message to this audience something like “ You have visited our web page a week ago, we have here something new for you etc.”Keep in mind that FB can find users which are similar to those who have visited your web page.

target groups

b) Graph search is a tool which will help you to precisely describe your audience search, and find people who may be interested in your product or service or fan page.For example you may type in : people who are living in my city and interested in Social Media, or people who are working in company A. It is quite necessary to verify their FB IDs, in order to direct FB ads to specific list of people.More for GraphSearch Beta vesion you may find here: in mind that this function is available for users with English (US) language settings only. What is really cool here is that you can actually, define and reach the target adience of your competition.c) People who already provided us with their e-mail.Basically those are people who at least know that you exist, so keep in touch with them!d) Our FB page fans are even more valuable than potential ones. They still are signed to put fan page, so it means they still are not bored and potentially are ready to make an order, read our articles or use our services. So it is need waste of money to reach those people who are loyal to our business/service or portal.e) Keep in mind that you can reach people who are taking part in specific events. Basically people like and join many different events of FB, however big part of them do not visit those events. However it still the field of interest of our target group, such iek books, magazines, services and special events.f) Reaching group of people who are members of topic groups. You define you are your potential customers, what they like, eat, read etc, find potential groups and list of people who are included into specific topic groups. 3. TestDedicate some budget on testing your campaigns. You will never know what your audience is interested in until you ask them and test that. Set a minimum budget create several campaigns with different target group specifics, strategies pay-per-click and pay-per impression. Your goal is to find the best model. It may happen they you are trying to reach wrong target audience and they should be defined another way round or they are interested in something different then it is stated in your hypothesis.

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