TikTok Australia: Meet the Best Australian TikTokers in 2021

July 30, 2021

TikTok is a platform that has taken the world by storm a few years ago. It became the most downloaded app during the first lockdown and has upheld its position since then. It's popular all around the globe, and has millions of users from the southern hemisphere, particularly Australia. Let's see what TikTok Australia is all about in 2021.

TikTok Australia: statistics

Although it was not the most popular social app at the time, TikTok showed rapid growth of up to 850,000 active users in Australia in 2020. This amassed to around 2,5 million users by the end of last year. From the data we can also learn that women make up over 1,5 million TikTok users in that country. However, the world of mobile apps is evergrowing and the number of users tripled, amounting to 8,98 million Australian TikTokers! What is more, in the second quarter of 2021, TikTok boasted a total of 732 million global active users. The app continues to be on the upswing.

Tiktok overview

What is popular on the platform? Different rules apply when it comes to TikTok and Instagram, although similar trends prevail. Instagram is particularly prone to promote beautiful, rich, and fit people and this certainly also occurs on TikTok. Pretty privilege is very much still functioning and anything will go as long as you have a pretty face and a slim body. If you don't believe in the existence of this phenomenon, wait until you see the top three on the list of best Australian TikTokers. Nevertheless, there are of course exceptions, and personality, sense of humor, and talent can still play a huge role.

In addition, there's this official, verified TikTok Australia account that showcases the most engaging and popular videos in the region. What's interesting, it's actually pretty diverse. Below, let us present an excellent example of Aussie humor:


In the following subsections, we will take a closer look at the top 10 of TikTok Australia. The list has been edited from the Insiflow's current TOP 50 which on 22nd of July, 2021 looked as follows:

Best Australian TikTokers: TOP 10

Best Australian TikTokers: #1 Hannah Balaney

Known as @thexhan, Hannah Balaney garnered an astounding number of 16.8 million followers on TikTok. Apparently, she was also known earlier on Musical.ly, TikTok's predecessor. Actually, the creator will not surprise anyone with her content: TikTok dances. What are TikTok dance routines like? Suffice it to say, they are a very banal and simple kind of "choreography." Usually such a dance does not require any skills, flexibility, agility, nor creativity. TikTok dancers are forever smiling and try to radiate positive energy, although there does not seem to be any positive message behind their videos. It's simply a means to an end: fame and money.

It's enough to view Hannah's account to notice that her content is very repetitive and there appear to be no attempts to change it. Why and how has she accumulated that big of a following? The mind boggles.


Best Australian TikTokers: #2 Sarah Magusara

Coming in at number two is Sarah Magusara. Much like the previous TikToker, Sarah is young, pretty, and likes to be in front of the camera. What are her selling points? Well, she's 19, she's very fit, and she's a teenage mom. The majority of her content is dedicated to presenting her attractive body in close-fitting clothing, which on TikTok would be dubbed "fashion content." What else appears on her account? For starters, videos with trendy effects and sounds, quasi-fitness clips that promote some food supplements, and occasional videos with her baby. She also dabbles a bit with performative activism. If you want to read more about her, see the Seventeen piece from last year.

All in all, except for her hourglass, sculpted body, pushy ads, and pretty clothes, there is not much to see.


Best Australian TikTokers: #3 The Rybka Twins

Finally, we can see some actual skill and talent on the TikTok Australia podium. Who are the Rybka Twins? As we can read on news.com.au: "The charismatic and very energetic sisters first burst onto the scene back in 2013 when they appeared on Australia’s Got Talent with a mind-blowing contortion act." The sisters are into gymnastics and dancing and since the two passions easily fall together, they often take advantage of both in their videos. At least, it seems that they want to still do something truly impressive and work on their skill, instead of slumping into influencer stupor.

Even though the Rybkas do capitalize their good looks and the fact that they're twins, they show some genuine sense of humor and gymnastic prowess.


Best Australian TikTokers: #4 Caleb Finn

It appears that every generation has their coveted emo/alt boy that girls can crush on. In Australia, this boy is actually a man in his twenties. Caleb Finn's youthful charm and emo bad boy allure brought him an astounding number of followers. Frankly, I am at a loss when it comes to establishing his target audience. At first, it seems like he caters to teenagers, genZ and Alpha. But then, you can see his latest sponsorship came from Netfilx and it referred to their new gruesome horror trilogy. Moreover, he's known for his fifties-inspired TikTok series "Smile Street" that discusses some adult topics. The usual content on his page, though, is exhibiting his sense of humor, cuteness, or emo inclinations. Some of his most-viewed content included expert transitions.


Best Australian TikTokers: #5 Mocha pom

Cute and funny animals always sell! Mocha is a fluffy, scrumptious pomeranian that will woo people of any age. Pomeranians are a very marketable breed of dogs. Their adorable short muzzle and insanely fuzzy coat paired with petite size are what makes them so delightful and lovable. Nevertheless, what brought Mocha the most followers, I think, is her relationship with her human and the owner's sense of humor. The doggie's breakout video had over 18 million views and 2 million likes. However, Mocha's record-breaking video amassed an astonishing 88 million views and 9 million likes.


The other half of Australia's TOP 10

TikTokers no. 6 and no. 8 on the Top 10 list pertain to the same category: gamers. They are YouTube stars seeking attention on yet another platform with their hilarious, scary, or surprising gaming clips. Mully has garnered over 10.4 million followers and focuses mainly on VR gaming, while Josh Dub (with 2 million less) is known for his edgy humor.


Then, at no. 7 comes Bijay, who is basically the male version of the no. 1 TikToker. His focus is primarily on silly TikTok dances and cute boy looks.

Arguably, the best TikTokers of the whole ten come at no. 9 and 10. They are vastly different, but their content is actually worth viewing. Shortest Blockbusters is a filmmaker and an artist that creates short clips alluding to films. They describe themselves in the following manner: "I Create Dreams & Nightmares. Follow me if you dare????." Their content explores the uncanny valley and is at times immensely unsettling. Their most popular video has over 184.5 views! See it below:


Number 10 on the list belongs to a parkour daredevil and athlete Brodie Pawson. His jumps, tricks, and wall-climbing skills are as impressive as they are dangerous. Watch his videos and decide on your own: is he mad or is he brave?


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