What Are Threads on Instagram: The New Way to Connect and Share

August 18, 2023

Get ready because there's a new player in the social media arena – Threads! Developed by Meta, the creative minds behind Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, this app officially hit the scene on July 6th, 2023. It's time to uncover what this app is all about and how it's shaking up our online connections.

Ready to dive into the Threads experience? Hang tight as we unveil its features, explore its impact on our online interactions, and discover why it's quickly becoming an essential addition to your digital toolkit. So, get ready to embrace the Threads revolution – a new era of online connections is here, and it's waiting for you!

The Birth of Threads on Instagram

The name "Threads" might ring a bell, and for good reason. In 2019, Instagram introduced an initial version named Threads, positioned as a "camera-first messaging app fostering connections among close friends." The Threads of 2023 completely replaces its previous version, starting a fresh journey ahead.

Source: Instagram, 2023

Threads is the brainchild of the Instagram team, and it's all about one thing: providing a platform for sharing text updates and jumping into lively public conversations. Consider it your new virtual spot for engaging discussions and meaningful exchanges.

But here's the kicker – Threads isn't your typical messaging app. Taking a cue from X (formerly known as Twitter), it gives you a generous 500 characters to compose your messages. And that's not all - you can enhance your chats with links, photos, and videos up to five minutes long. The icing on the cake? Threads and Instagram are tightly integrated, making it a breeze to keep up with your Instagram crew. It's like having an always-open hangout where the fun never stops!

Understanding Threads and How It Operates

Developed by Instagram, Threads emerges as a platform where individuals can engage in real-time, public conversations. Threads serves a dual purpose, enhancing the stature of Instagram, a flagship app within Meta's portfolio of products. According to Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, the objective is to cultivate an open and welcoming space for communities.

Threads is tightly intertwined with Instagram, requiring prospective users to currently possess an Instagram account. Additionally, the user's Threads username must align with their Instagram handle.

Audience on Threads

Threads accomplished an incredible milestone by attracting over 100 million users in less than a week from its launch, solidifying its status as the fastest-growing app in history. With such a rapid influx of users, there's a good chance that your target audience is already part of this vibrant community. Don't let the opportunity slip by – engage with them right where they're hanging out!

Seamless Interaction

Engaging with others on Threads is as easy as pie. If you're a regular on Instagram, you'll recognize three out of the four icons at the bottom of each thread:

❤️ The heart icon lets you show your love by giving the post a like.

???? The speech bubble icon allows you to reply directly to the thread, just like in Instagram's comment section.

???? The reshare button is there too. You can repost the thread directly to your Threads profile or quote it while adding your own thoughts.

✈️ And then there's the paper airplane icon. It's for sharing the post on other platforms. You can put the thread in your Instagram Story or feed, share it on X, copy the link, or use other sharing options.

Source: Instagram, 2023

Verification on Threads

For those holding the reins of social media, here's some good news: if you've already secured that coveted blue checkmark on Instagram, Threads has your back. No need to go through hoops all over again!

As soon as an Instagram account with verification sets up on Threads, that trusty blue checkmark will automatically pop up right next to the username.

Source: Meta, 2023

Seamless Sharing with Instagram

Threads and Instagram are practically besties, so Meta has made sure that sharing content between these two platforms is a breeze.

You can effortlessly add your own post or any public thread to your Instagram Story.

Source: Threads, 2023

Simply tap on the paper airplane icon located at the bottom of the thread, then select "Add to story." Instagram will launch automatically, allowing you to customize the post or share it directly with your followers.

Quick heads-up: Just like when you reshare an Instagram post to your Story, you won't have the ability to edit the content of the thread you're resharing. You can play around with background colours, stickers, and GIFs on your Story, but the original post's content will remain unchanged.

Comparing Threads to X (formerly Twitter): A Closer Look at Similarities and Differences

Threads on Instagram and X might appear to dance to a similar tune, but as we delve into the details, the distinctions become clear. Both platforms are all about conversations, where users express themselves through concise text-based posts. Yet, they march to their own beats when it comes to features and functionalities.

1. Post Length

Threads: Here, brevity is key, with a generous cap of 500 characters per post. 

X: You're limited to 280 characters in each tweet, unless you subscribe to X Premium (previously Twitter Blue), which extends the limit.

2. Visual Content 

Threads: Apart from text, you can add images, videos, and links. Videos can stretch up to 5 minutes. 

X: Like Threads, images, videos, and links are welcome. However, videos on the free version are limited to 2 minutes and 20 seconds.

3. Verification

Threads: Embraces verification, offering the coveted blue checkmark. 

X: Verification is available on X as well, but not everyone is eligible.

4. Editing Posts

Threads: Once a post is out there, it's set in stone, much like X's non-subscription 

X: Premium X subscribers enjoy the privilege of editing their posts.

5. Direct Messaging

Threads: As of now, direct messaging isn't part of the Threads repertoire. 

X: X provides direct messaging; a feature that is absent from Threads.

6. Trends and Hashtags

Threads: Trends and hashtags aren't part of the Threads landscape.

X: X is known for its trending topics and widespread use of hashtags.

7. Daily Posting Limits

Threads: No posting limits, meaning you can freely express yourself.

X: X imposes daily posting limits to prevent spam.

Threads and X share the spotlight in the realm of short-form content and conversations, but each has its own unique melody. So, whether you're a fan of concise conversations or diving into the depths of trending topics, both platforms offer their own flavour of online interactions.


In a world where online connections fuel our digital lives, Threads on Instagram emerges as a vibrant platform, igniting real-time conversations and creative exchanges. Crafted by Meta, this app seamlessly weaves into the social media fabric, offering a haven for sharing thoughts and sparking discussions. With its user-friendly design, integration with Instagram, and standout features such as extended post lengths and effortless cross-sharing, Threads sets a new bar for dynamic interactions. As we navigate this evolving era of virtual connections, Threads beckons you to explore, connect, and contribute to this exciting digital tapestry. So why wait? Dive into the Threads revolution today and be part of shaping the future of online conversations!

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