The Ultimate Guide to Twitter Marketing

May 9, 2020

With over 350 million average monthly users globally to share content with, Twitter is one of the most powerful social networking tools for personal and business use. Much like other social media, businesses can use Twitter to engage users and followers, increase brand awareness, boost conversions, among other things.

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This guide will hopefully help you improve your marketing efforts on the platform through:

  1. · Figuring out what actually is a Twitter Marketing Strategy
  2. · A manual for Twitter for business
  3. · Marketing Tips
  4. · Twitter Analytics & Essential Tools

What is a Twitter Marketing strategy?

The whole idea of a Twitter marketing strategy is to create a plan based on the idea of creating, publishing, and distributing content for your buyer personas, audience, and followers through the platform. Creating a market strategy for Twitter uses very similar steps to any other type of social media marketing strategy.

  1. Research your buyer personas and audience.
  2. Create unique and engaging content.
  3. Organize a schedule for your posts.
  4. Analyze your impact and results.

So, you are probably wondering. Why and what makes Twitter unique if it is relatively the same strategy as all the other social media platforms? Well, the thing about Twitter is it:

  1. is free to use,
  2. allows you to share and promote your content in seconds,
  3. expands your reach,
  4. allows you to provide quick customer service and support,
  5. works as a search engine tool for you to research your competitors and their marketing content,
  6. lets you engage with your followers, share updates.

For more about Twitter strategy, click here

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How to use Twitter for business

Before we go into marketing tips, we need to understand how to use Twitter for businesses so that you can reach your target audience. It obviously depends on what your goals are, the size of your company, and the industry you are in. But these points will give you an understanding of things that you need to keep in mind.1) Customize and brand your profile.

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When people come across your Twitter profile, you want them to know that it is yours. This means that you need to customize and brand your profile with things that are memorable and recognizable to your company. ·Handle: You want your Twitter handle/username to be unique but also easy for people to find. It should include your company’s name so that you can be easily found on the platform.Header: Try and create an original image that includes your logo or any image with your brand in it. · Profile picture: You want your profile picture to represent everything about your company; its every move, its interactions, its posts. Create something however you see fit.Website URL: Pretty self-explanatory, it should include your website’s URL to direct traffic straight to your site.2) Create Twitter Lists.

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Twitter Lists are great if you want to follow accounts that fall under specific categories. You can segment your lists into different groups like; business inspirations, competitors, and target audience so you can review their posts, interactions, and content easily.3) Host a Twitter Chat. A great way to engage your followers, discuss a topic, and ask your audience for their opinions or input icheckn a project that you are working on is by hosting a Twitter chat. You can share the information that is pertinent to that chat through a tweet or any other type of platform. This is a good technique because it gets people talking about your brand and creates a more personal experience between your audience and your business.4) Advertise on Twitter. You can also reach your audience through advertising on Twitter with promoted tweets and Twitter Ads. It makes your tweets easily found and increases your influence and following. Promoted tweets get your tweets easily seen on Twitter streams and search results of specific users. It basically puts your promoted tweets in a daily campaign that targets the type of audience that you have indicated in your setting. Your users will then have the ability to interact with these ads the same way they would with the organic content you create. Your business will basically pay a monthly fee as long as you’re promoting a tweet. Twitter Ads are also great if you are trying to use different types of tweets to achieve the same goal for your business. This is good because it allows your business to make the decisions between different objectives when it comes to your ads including; app installs, video views, website conversions, and audience targeting for your campaign.5) Drive traffic to your website. Obviously Twitter is a great way to direct traffic to your website, not only can you include your website’s URL to your profile, but you can add links to your other web pages and social media platforms. You can direct traffic to your website through adding your website URL on your Twitter profile, incorporating links to your website in your tweets, retweeting any content that has direct links to your website, embedding tweets on your website with Twitter timelines, and setting up ads to drive users to a landing page on your site.6) Use Twitter Moments. You can use Twitter Moments to create collections of tweets that are related to your topic of choice. Creating your own section of Moments allows followers to see the type of content you are looking at and engage with them, it also helps you market your events and campaigns and provides your business a way to promote discussion of specific topics.7) Get verified on Twitter.

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Depending on the size of your company and industry, it might be a good idea to try and apply to get your Twitter profile verified. If Twitter accepts your application, a badge with a blue checkmark with show up and it will symbolize that you have an authentic. Especially in business, being verified prevents your users and target audience to follow impersonator accounts or accounts with similar content, handles, and usernames.8) Focus on building your follow count. It is obvious that the more followers you have means that there are more people looking at and engaging with your content. You will definitely have a better chance to improve brand awareness and direct more traffic when you build your count. To increase your followers you need to:

  1. ensure that your content can be shared,
  2. use unique hashtags to your brand,
  3. create engaging content,
  4. enlist help from social media influencers,
  5. include links to your profile on any other social media platforms,
  6. interact with current followers and retweet their content,
  7. incorporate cost-free marketing.

Twitter Marketing Tips

Now that you know how to use Twitter for business, we can start talking about marketing tips that you can employ to create a great Twitter marketing plan. A lot of these tips have been mentioned above, but let us go into more detail.

  1. · Define success and set goals
  2. · Create strong profile
  3. · Use high-quality images and videos
  4. · Implement and understand hashtags/trends/li>
  5. · Organize content
  6. · Use keyword targeting in your ads
  7. · Interact with your followers
  8. · Keep an eye on your competition
  9. · Work with influencers
  10. · Use Twitter tools

1) Define success and set goals

Before you begin creating your marketing strategy, you should start making a list of your organizations’s high-priority business objectives. They could include; generating leads and sales, increasing customer loyalty, building brand and product awareness, and decreasing customer support costs. From there you can create your goals and it will be easy for you to evaluate your progress and prove success. You should also make note of your current performance so that you can measure the progress and see whether your strategy is actually producing real, measurable results.

2) Create strong profile

Think of this as creating a great hook when you are writing anything. Your profile and bio are the first things that a visitor will read about your company. You want to not only explain what users can expect from your page and content, but you want to write it in a way that will attract them but also represents your brand and reflect on who you are as a company. Try and keep your profile as unique as possible so that regardless of the size of your industry and competition, they are drawn to you.

3) Use high-quality images and videos

Tweets with images and videos can been proven to outperform tweets that are solely made of text. They provide an engaging element in your content when Twitter users scroll through their feeds. So, try including quality videos and photos to your tweets. They are a great way to show your audience about your product and you can even show them how to use the product to create a more personal feel.

4) Implement hashtags and understand trends

Adding hashtags is a great way to reach as many people as possible. But the things that you need to remember is that you need to create a hashtag that is unique to you and your brand so that you are easily found through the haystack that is Twitter. Obviously, you want to only create hashtags that are relevant and focused on the specific campaign that you are running at that moment. To figure that out, you can use Twitter Analytics to review what your most successful hashtags were so that you can also use them in the future. But, remember do not overuse hashtags. Not only do they look slightly spammy, but they don’t look too aesthetically pleasing. As with anything, try and understand and keep up with the trends that are going on so that you can work accordingly and create content that falls under things that people are interested in at the time.

5) Create great content

To check out more info about Twitter content. click hereFor the writers out there, this is a no-brainer. It is important to create content that is on brand, easy to read, and will keep your audience interested. You may only have 280 characters to work with, but that is a great way to figure out how to be concise and entertaining. Some things that you can focus on when you are trying to write a great tweet is that you should create content that your audience will actually read and use and “You learn something new everyday”, people constantly want to learn new things and they would want to read and learn about their interests, needs, and fears. KISS. No, no not what you are thinking. You’ve got 280 characters to work with, but there is no need to use all of them to create a great tweet. To have some diversity on your profile, mix up the length of you tweets and you can use a link shortener so the link doesn’t take up more space than necessary.It is also important to have some kind of system when you are trying to put content up online. You should curate your content and sort through your own organic content and things that users and others will write about you.

6) Use keyword targeting in your ads

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Just from the title, it is obvious that by using “keywords” you can engage your users through different words and phrases that you have included in your content. You will be able to reach your target audience when it is most relevant to them. There are two types of keyword targeting that you can implement in your campaign: Search Keyword Targeting makes your tweets show up for people that are searching for the topics that you have decided are related to your business. Another type of keyword targeting, Timeline Keyword Targeting, allows you to act on the more organic searches of the user; their feelings, thoughts, actions, and emotions that they might have tweeted about.

7) Interact with your followers

This is one of the most important parts of your marketing strategy because not only are you trying to build your follower count, but this part of you strategy brings in a more personal aspect to your business. This helps you create experiences with your follows and audience and from there, they will keep coming back to your profile with a sense of “brand loyalty” By interacting with them, you also have to ability to understand their wants and needs and you can tailor your content to what they need.

8) Keep an eye on your competitors

Think of it as doing as a little recon for your business. Twitter is a good way to check out the competition. You can follow their profiles and search to see what they are posting, you can get some insight on basic details like their number of retweets, comments, and responses. It is a good way to see if the strategies that they are using are working or not.

9) Work with influencers

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Influencer marketing is a great way to use Twitter for marketing, it has been evidently clear that it is a very powerful marketing strategy. It has been proven that consumers actually are more likely to follow a product or service that has been endorsed by a non-celebrity influencer. However, something that you need to know when trying to find influencers is that you need to find the right one. Warren Buffett once said, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.” With that said, you need to find influencers that you trust can represent your brand in a positive way. It is all about first impressions, you want your business to succeed. You also want to find an influencer who definitely has the reach to influence their audience and make them your customers. Do your research to find the best person to represent your brand because it will be worth it in the long run.

10) Use a Twitter tool

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Using a Twitter tool can help with many different situations, it helps you focus on the things that are actually important while it sorts out all the things that you shouldn’t put a second thought to like logging into the platform, scheduling your posts, publish to social networks, etc. You can use these tools to integrate Twitter with your website as well, not only does it do the easy things for you but it also helps with in-depth analytics. You can use things like Buffer, Hootsuite, SocialOomph, Tweetdeck, among others as Twitter tools.

Twitter Analytics

To get more information about Twitter analytics:

Twitter analytics page with impressions and engagement metrics
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Depending on the type of your business that you have, you might have different goals. You may not want or need to pay attention to some of the analytics mentioned but it is a good idea to have an idea of the ones that exist just in case. Then, you can track your:

  1. · Engagements: so look at the number of retweets, follows, replies, favorites, and click-throughs that your tweets get,
  2. · Impressions: review the amount of times that your tweets appear on your followers’ timelines.
  3. · Hashtags: look at which ones of your hashtags are used most frequently by your audience and followers
  4. · Top tweets: See which of your tweets has the most engagement.
  5. · Contributors: Keep up with the success of the people that you have given admin access to your profile so that you can decide with tactics work and which ones don’t.

As mentioned before, there are plenty of platforms and sites that you can use to track your analytics.Conclusion:Twitter and other social media platforms have become such powerful marketing tools that no one should take for granted. Moreover, Twitter especially has the ability to help direct traffic to all your platforms, improve brand awareness, engage you audience, create relationships with followers and potential customers, among other things. Therefore, to stay current and embrace whatever market that you are in, you should consider Twitter for your marketing needs.

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