Tailwind Alternatives — Price, Functionality, Similarities and Differences

February 12, 2021
Tailwind alternatives for social media
Tailwindapp homepage

Tailwind is a popular tool for managing Instagram and Pinterest social media marketing. It comes with scheduling and community features that make it very reliable for using to grow your social channels. However, it does have its own downsides depending on what you are looking for as a marketer. If you are looking for Tailwind alternatives capable of handling the same tasks or more, read on.

In this article, we shall be looking at how Tailwind compares to its alternatives based on features, pricing, ease of use, value for money and team capabilities.

Tailwind Alternatives — Table of Contents

Tailwind Alternatives for Different Social Media Platforms

Tailwind supports the following social networks:

  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

Let’s discuss the best alternatives for these social networks and more.

Best Tailwind Alternatives for Facebook

Tailwind does not support Facebook. However, for marketers who are looking for social media marketing management tools for Facebook, the following 3 options will do great:

  • Postfity — supports scheduling to Facebook pages. You can bulk-upload up to 10,000 posts for scheduling to multiple Facebook pages at once. You can also schedule Facebook covers. The content calendar helps you stay on track of your content schedule in one single view. Try Postfity for free today!
Postfity Facebook Scheduler Tailwind alternative
Postfity’s Facebook Scheduler
  • Hootsuite — supports scheduling to Facebook pages. You can also boost the scheduled post by setting an advertising budget and track the same from within Hootsuite.
  • Buffer — support scheduling to multiple Facebook pages. Comes with a tracking tool that analyzes the performance of your content marketing efforts so that you know what to improve.

Best Tailwind Alternatives for Twitter

Tailwind does not support Twitter marketing or scheduling. However, these 3 Tailwind alternatives are good at that:

  • Postfity — schedule tweets to multiple Twitter accounts and bulk-upload up to 10,000 tweets at once for scheduling. The content ideas calendar also inspires you with content ideas to tweak and use for scheduling.
Postfity Twitter Scheduler Tailwind alternative
Postfity’s Twitter Scheduler
  • Hootsuite — schedule tweets to multiple Twitter accounts and track the performance of your tweets in order to measure the effectiveness of your content marketing.
  • Buffer — plan and schedule tweets to several Twitter accounts without too much hustle. With the analytics tool, you can also measure the success or engagement of your audience to your content.

Best Tailwind Alternatives for Instagram

Tailwindapp supports scheduling and planning content for Instagram. You can get hashtag suggestions and best times to post the content to Instagram. Equally good Tailwind alternatives for Instagram marketing include:

  • Hootsuite — schedule posts to Instagram accounts. Also allows you to schedule Instagram stories and measure the success of your content to know where to improve it.
  • Planoly — schedule posts to Instagram while tagging the items in the images with a link to your storefront to increase sales.
  • Buffer — publish or schedule posts to Instagram directly. Also has analytics which helps you measure the performance of your content marketing.
Buffer for Instagram Tailwind alternatives
Buffer’s Instagram scheduler

Best Tailwind Alternatives for LinkedIn

Tailwind does not support LinkedIn but this 3 options below are great alternatives to Tailwind for this purpose:

  • Postfity — schedule posts to both LinkedIn profiles and business pages. You can bulk-upload up to 10,000 posts to schedule and manage several profiles and pages at the same time. It also comes with the ability to manage a content team with different approval levels.
Postfity LinkedIn scheduler
Postfity’s LinkedIn scheduler
  • Hootsuite — schedule or publish to LinkedIn pages and profiles. Analyze the performance of your content to measure the success of your content efforts.
  • Buffer — schedule and publish to both LinkedIn Profiles and pages. Also has an analytics section that helps you measure how your content is performing on LinkedIn.

Best Tailwind Alternatives for Vkontakte

Tailwind does not provide support for Vkontakte but the tool below is the best option for marketers on Vkontakte:

  • Postfity — supports scheduling to pages, profiles, groups and events that you manage. Bulk-schedule to several accounts at once up to 10,000 posts. You can also use the content calendar to keep track of all your pending posts.
Postfity’s Vkontakte scheduler
Postfity’s Vkontakte scheduler

Tailwind Pricing — Cheaper Tailwind’s Alternatives

Tailwind’s lowest package only lets you choose between Pinterest or Instagram with almost similar features available for either one. No matter the choice, the package will cost $14.99 per month and offers 1 Pinterest or 1 Instagram profile and 400 scheduled posts among other features for either Pinterest or Instagram.

Tailwind plans and pricing
Tailwind’s pricing

Tailwind alternatives that we looked at offer the following in their lowest plans:

  • Postfity — 1 user, 15 social media accounts and 100 pending posts at $14.99 per month.

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  • Hootsuite — 1 user, 10 social accounts and unlimited scheduling at $19 per month
  • Buffer — from $5 per month for 1 user, 1 social account, and an unlimited number of posts. If you want to work in a Team, then you pay 10$ for each social media account.

From the comparison above, it is clear that Tailwind alternatives offer more in terms of supported social accounts and social media networks at very competitive prices compared to Tailwind which only offers 1 social network and 1 social profile for a price that is higher.

Postfity comes out as an affordable option, offering 15 social accounts with no limits on any social media network at only $14.99 per month making it the cheapest Tailwind alternative here.

Tailwind Value for Money — Which Alternative gives you more accounts and features

Having looked at what Tailwind offers for $14.99 and compared with other tools like Postfity, one wonders which tool offers more value for money.

Tailwind offers you either 1 Pinterest or 1 Instagram profile at $14.99 per month with the ability to schedule 400 posts. There are extra features like 1-click hashtag suggestions for Instagram and 15 free pins in Tailwind Create.

Postfity on the other hand offers 15 social media accounts of your choice, 100 pending posts and extra features like:

  • Precise posts scheduling
  • “Post now” — fast publishing to multiple social accounts at once
  • Built in image editor
  • Browser extension
  • Calendar view
  • Post Ideas — interesting and trending posts suggestions
  • Covers scheduling — up to 7 covers scheduled at once
  • Link shortener

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Without a doubt, in addition to managing 15 social accounts and getting 100 pending posts to use across them, the additional features at just a total price of $14.99 per month is a huge bargain. Postfity is therefore the best value for money due to the price, social accounts and features.

Tailwind Ease of Use — User-friendly Alternatives

Tailwind is well designed with the right prompts at the right time during the onboarding process. There are no bugs of note and the workflow is seamless making it easy to get set up and start scheduling your content. For you to post to Instagram automatically without phone notifications from Tailwind, your account has to be a business account.

For marketers who are looking for Tailwind alternatives in terms of ease of use, the following 3 options are great:

  • Postfity — the onboarding process is flawless and in one single view, you can see everything you want from connecting an account to the content calendar. This ensures all its features are easy to access.
Postfity’s dashboard
Postfity’s dashboard
  • Hootsuite — this platform can be quite complex at the beginning due to the number of features that are available. However, after a few days, you will be good to go thanks to the point by point onboarding process.
Hootsuite dashboard
Hootsuite dashboard
  • Buffer — similar to Hootsuite in terms of the number of features but there is separation on the scheduling and analytics front helping you start to use it for scheduling more immediately than Hootsuite.
Buffer dashboard
Buffer dashboard

Tailwind Team Functionality

Tailwindapp is not built for teams who collaborate to create content together for various social media channels. It is best used by a single user for 1 single profile per plan.

For content marketers who are looking for collaboration and more robust team functionalities, these 3 alternatives would serve you best:

  • Postfity — allows managing of a team with different approval levels. The mid-tier plan supports 1 team of 10 team members at $44.99 per month while the largest plan is able to cater to 20 teams of up to 200 members in total at just $119.99 per month.
Postfity team functionality Tailwind alternatives
Postfity’s team features
  • Hootsuite — the team plan supports 3 users at $99 per month while the largest plan supports 5 users at $599 per month.
  • Buffer — for the same number of accounts as in the Postfity Agency plan, you would have to pay 2000$ per month.

Final Thoughts

Tailwind is best for individual content marketers who want to promote their Instagram and Pinterest profiles. For content marketers who work as a team and are looking to collaborate to market content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Vkontakte, Postfity is the best alternative to Tailwind for this use; in terms of features, social networks supported, price, value for money, ease of use and team features.

Try Postfity for free today!

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