5 Summer Automation Hacks That Will Make Your Social Media Marketing Run on Autopilot when You're Away

August 5, 2019

Ready to go to your long-awaited holiday? The last thing you wanna do is keep posting on social media from the beach. But while you're off - your business isn't. If nothing happens on your Facebook page for 2 weeks, your engagement will drop. How to make sure your social media don't suffer when you're on holidays? Check out our 5 summer automation hacks that will make your social media marketing run on autopilot when you're away!

beach Postfity

#1  Get yourself a social media scheduler

Asocial media scheduler is a tool that helps you schedule your posts to be published at some point in the future. Postfitywill continue posting on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter for you, when you're on holidays. You can now get it 15% cheaper with the code 'holidays'!

#2 Set publishing times

In Postfityyou can set publishing times that will create an ‘automatic posting calendar’ – so that each post you 'add to queue' prepopulates the next free timeslot in your weekly calendar:

autoposter - how to set up automatic post calendar in Postfity

That way you can easily create a line-up of posts in a very short time — without having to set publishing times individually for each post! 

#3 Do Bulk-Post Uploads

If you have a lot of posts you need to publish on different pages — the best way to do it is to use the bulk post upload (available in Postfity Agencyplan).

#4 Schedule Facebook Covers

schedule Facebook Covers with Postfity

Whether you're doing events, product launches or time-sensitive promotions — Facebook Covers are a great way to announce big events to your audience. You can schedule up to 200 Facebook covers withPostfity Agencyplan.

#5 Schedule 100 posts in advance

To make sure your audience stays engaged, you need to post between 1-30 posts on each social mediumper day! If you're running your marketing on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn — that's around 10 posts per day at least![caption id="attachment_13675" align="alignnone" width="416"]


From: https://louisem.com/144557/often-post-social-media[/caption]Although this may sound daunting — it's totally possible to maintain that level of consistency in Posting. If you're going away for 2 weeks, simply post 10 posts per day x 14 days in your scheduler, and enjoy your time off — while doing social media marketing completely hands-off too! Postfity allows you to schedule up to 100 pending posts in the Mini Account (just $14.99 per month!), 1000 posts in the Professional Account and up to 10,000 posts in the Agency Account! And you can get15% off with the code 'holidays' now!

Emilia on the beach

ou'Hope these tips let you enjoy your time off a bit more ;)If you need inspiration what to post — check our Summer Marketing Ideas post here! 

Wanna make sure your social media don't die on you when you're on holidays?

Get Postfity 15% off with the code ‘holidays’! 

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