Summary of 2018 in social media world

December 30, 2018

The end of 2018 has already come. It was a busy time for all of us... no doubt, the world is changing and so is social media. The number of strategies to run your social media profile is changing constantly. Sometimes it is good to have a look back on what was different, what was trendy and what tools and ideas are still in the game. Below you will find a recap of articles that we have published on our blog throughout the whole year!

1. 3D posts on Facebook

No doubt, 3D post, and 360 degrees images are the future. This year Facebook did one step toward developing this idea and launched the possibility of creating 3D images. Have you tried it out already?

2. How to create an engaging video?

Many virtual gossips are related to the increasing popularity of video content. Moving images composed in a short film are the best way to catch someone's attention and this is the key nowadays. Have a look at this article once again in order to get a wider idea of how to create an engaging video.

3. Top 8 ideas for post creation

Lack of inspiration might happen to all of us. It's hard to have a fresh mind all the time to create something new, engaging and extremely interesting... That is why we gathered in one article possible tools to boost your creativity :) You may always have a look there when you really have no idea what to write about!

4. Storytelling in social media creation

Great ideas always come with great stories... Once you come up with the whole vision of your business/brand, it's easier to compose communication around the curtain idea.

5. How to boost your conversion on SAAS application?

Everyone would like to have an answer to this question. Well, it's so easy now - the only thing that you should do it to have a look at the article once again ;)

6. What is new in the social media world? (guest article by Melisa Marzett)

Update. Definitely needed once in a while. Social media are constantly changing, that is why it's good to have a look at how it changed; especially when it's a fresh look from a different perspective. Take a look of what Melisa Marzett wrote for us by clicking the link above!

7. How to prepare a good social media plan?

It's all about having a good plan, isn't it? We always encourage you to have a plan before taking any actions. If you still don't know where to start, read this article once again and start with a great preparation in 2019!

8. Great time management

The very last, but not least article we encourage you to read this article once again. Here we share some tips related to time management. Once you have an order in your life, an order in your business and social media pages will appear automatically. Everything is related...

We wish you a wonderful New Years Eve, great success in 2019 and growth of your company with us! ~Postfity Team

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