Social Tips Calendar for October is here

September 20, 2021

Need a little bit of inspiration? Or maybe you often find yourself looking for post templates? Check out the newest edition of Postfity's Social Tips Calendar!

We know how hard it's to find inspiration. And that's exactly why the Postfity team has prepared Social Tips Calendar. Not only that — we share all the post templates in the Calendar View, so you can easily add them to your social posts. Now you are one click away from preparing inspirational content. 

What is the Social Tips Calendar and where to find it

Content marketers will agree that creating content for social media calendars is not easy. It takes lots of time, research, and content-focused brainpower.

Social Tips Calendar helps to solve this problem. As compared to you researching various topics and creating your content from scratch, you get ready-to-go content tips and inspiring ideas that you can tweak and schedule to appear on your socials immediately. In other words — Postfity's Social Tips Calendar solves your content ideas problem in a jiffy.

Social Tips Calendar for October by Postfity

You won’t be able find Social Tips Calendar anywhere else but on the Postfity platform. The best part is... you can create a Postfity account and get started for free!

What will you find in Social Tips Calendar for October?

Holidays, even very unusual ones — are a great occasion to communicate with your followers. We will show you universal topics that will allow you to engage your audience and initiate a discussion.

First of all, there are intriguing posts relating to each day's special occasion or celebration.

Secondly, we sprinkled in some meaningful quotes that your audience can relate to.

Thirdly, you'll see engaging questions in every post to help you attract commenters. And then, to top it all of, we got you: carefully selected hashtags to make your posts easier to find, and vivid pictures and photos to capture the followers' attention.

Below are some examples of what will you find in Social Tips Calendar for October

Social Tips Calendar for October - post examples

So... Are you looking for inspiration for your posts? ???? Start scheduling all your content in advance, using Postfity Social Tips Calendar.

Best of all, Social Tips Calendar is totally FREE in all Postfity plans! Plus — you can always check out what we put in Social Tips Calendar in previous months.

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