Marketer’s Christmas Self-Help Kit: How to Use Social Tips Calendar This Christmas

Struggling to create your social media content calendar? Don’t worry, Christmas holidays are around the corner and trust me when I say, your brain already knows that. That is why it is tuning out. Postfity to the rescue!

We don’t think you should have lots of difficulties creating a content calendar. However, it is tasking and draining sometimes. Which is why in today’s article, we have prepared a self-help kit to drive your content calendar ideas.

  1. Understanding the social tips calendar and where to find it
  2. What’s in the 12 Days of Christmas content calendar?

Using Postfity, you can plan, create and schedule your social media content to publish automatically. The best thing, you can start today for free! Run out of social media content ideas? Just check the social tips calendar for inspiration.

1. What is the social tips calendar and where to find it

Content marketers will agree that creating content for social media calendars is not easy. It takes lots of time, research and content creation.

The social tips calendar helps to solve this problem. As compared to you researching and creating your content from scratch, you get ready-to-go content tips and inspiring ideas that you can tweak and schedule to go out immediately. Especially for this holiday period when you just want to focus on enjoying your Christmas holidays, the social tips calendar solves your content ideas problem in a jiffy.

social tips calendar postfity

You don’t find the social tips calendar anywhere else but in the Postfity platform. The best part, you can create a Postfity account and get started for free! Our team has created 12 tips for your Christmas calendar – #12DaysofChristmas.

2. What’s in the 12 Days of Christmas calendar?

As a countdown to Christmas, you can create specific messages to send to your audience prior to Christmas day. This is why our team came up with 12 inspiring ideas for every day before Christmas starting now!

social media post calendar

In order to get the best engagement from these social tips calendar, make sure in each post to:

  •  Have a unique conversation starter (e.g Christmas ritual, shopping wishlist, best dish, etc)
  • Incentivize the audience to contribute by adding a voucher, sale discounts or promos (e.g best comment wins 10% voucher)
  • Create a sense of urgency (e.g we will announce the winner tomorrow)
  • Create a contest (e.g the best comment).

Here are some of the ideas from the Postfity Social tips calendar:

a). Favourite Recipe

There is never a wrong idea. Christmas time brings with it lots of time and fun in trying out new recipes. If you would like to drive a conversation about food, you can use this post on Instagram or Facebook accompanied with a nice image (you can download our 12 days of Christmas Post Graphics templates here!)

12 days of christmas social media post template


b). Wishlist

Find out what your social media followers would like to get for Christmas. This would be a perfect idea for online eCommerce stores and gifting shops. For audiences that are crazy about software, courses, ebooks, etc, this idea could also work.

12 days of christmas social media post template

c). Christmas memories

People have a ton of memories they would like to share from their past Christmas holidays. Especially when they were younger. Why not ask them about those quickly in a post like this:

12 days of christmas social media post template

d). Christmas ritual

Some people prefer counting down to Christmas day using paper chain links as a Christmas ritual. They remove a link every day until there is no chain by Christmas day. That’s a cool ritual actually. Some people make a hot cup of chocolate every day, 5 days before Christmas until the day. Others just want to go to church or ice skating outdoors.

All these experiences need to be shared, and that could happen right in the comments on your next post like this one:

12 days of christmas social media post template

e). Christmas Presents

What is Christmas without presents. A majority of people have received presents during Christmas holidays. Asking them to share about that while finding a way to make a sale for their next presents would be great.

12 days of christmas social media post template day 5

f). Significant other gift ideas

If you ask your audience what they would like to gift their significant others, it is a great opportunity to also recommend your products or services. Your audience would like to share about what they would like to give their partners too. Here is what you can ask in your social media post:

12 days of christmas social media post template 6

g). Favourite Christmas dish

Food, the thing that makes Christmas go round. This is an incredible idea for social media posts especially for restaurants, snack bars and food delivery applications. Let your followers share about their favourite Christmas dishes. A clever way would be to offer the same dish to them over Christmas at a 10% discount.

12 days of christmas social media post template 7

h). Christmas movie

Home Alone was a long time favourite movie of mine for Christmas as I grew up. You will see it mentioned at least once in any posts about Christmas movies. Do you want to know about your followers’ favourite Christmas movies? You can use the post below:

12 days of christmas social media post template 8

i). Ideal company

Christmas holidays come with lots of family and friendship company. Asking your audience to tag the people they would like to spend Christmas with is a pretty clever and endearing way of them showing love to their family and friends. This will also generate lots of comments, leading to higher impressions for your post.

12 days of christmas social media post template

j). New Year’s resolutions

In order to start the new year from a clean slate, many people make New Year resolutions like deciding to work out more, eat less junk, become vegetarians, start a company, run a marathon, etc. To find out what your audience is upto, you can ask them by tweaking the post below:

k). Perfect vacation place

The 2020 year has been very difficult for travellers and wanderlusts. That said, the worst of the pandemic will be gone soon as people begin to receive vaccines and travelling will be back in full swing. However, people will still not shy away from sharing about their bucket list destinations if you ask them.

12 days of christmas social media post template 11

l). Christmas wishes for a loved one

Ask your audience to share the wishes they have for their loved ones and to tag those people in the comments. It is a nice way to generate lots of comments and discussions in the post.

12 days of christmas social media post template


Once you countdown the #12DaysofChristmas, Christmas day will be imminent. Find a special way to wish your audience a merry Christmas or just adopt this post in the social tips calendar.

12 days of christmas social media post template

You can get all these post ideas and use them in your calendar immediately by creating a free account on Postfity today! It is fast and free. Now you do not have to work too hard to create social media content today or ever.

Stay tuned for more from the Social Tips Calendar in future.