Social media scheduling tools: Postfity vs SocialBU

September 9, 2021

Consistency on your social media is important for your business. As Simpson (2019) states in the Forbes article – being regular means better customer experience, building credibility, reputation, and brand trust. Why not start today then? 

That’s why you should always have your feed planned way in advance. The best option is just simply scheduling it with appropriate social media tools. There are plenty of them on the internet, but sometimes it might be difficult to choose the right one. Today I am going to show you some comparisons, so you will get a brief of two different social media planners.

Customer’s needs

First of all – if you are looking for a good social media planner, try to specify what exactly you are looking for. This will help you with finding the tool tailored to your needs. It means that if you are just an individual person with only a few social media accounts, you might not want to buy professional social media tools. On the other hand, if you are a social media manager who is managing plenty of different social media accounts belonging to different companies, you might want to consider investing some more money to buy professional ones. 

Social media planners such as Postfity or SocialBU might have rich offers. That is why it is a good idea to go through them step by step and compare which tools will be best for you. 

Postfity's offer

Social media scheduling tools - SocialBU vs Postfity

A good social media planner is not only about scheduling posts, but it also should be a marketing tool that will help you with boosting up your content, engagement, so in this way, you can get more potential customers. Let’s go through some of the features that are offered at Postfity and SocialBU and compare them. 

#1 SocialBU vs Postfity – Scheduling Posts 

While scheduling a post on the SocialBU planner, you don’t have many options to improve it. It’s perfect if you’re looking for something really simple just to schedule your posts. As you can see in the photo below, you can attach media, add emoji, and get hashtags suggestions.

Creating a post with SocialBU

If you create your post with Postfity, you will have many more options such as:

  • Generating snapshot to visually improve your text and attract followers
  • Creating an image using a built-in image creator
  • Editing added photos using an image editor
  • Using snippets to save your time 
  • Previewing the post to double-check if everything is alright
  • Scheduling to different time zones 
  • Adding a draft for approval
  • Adding a post to the queue
  • Shortening links by ticking the box in the settings

…everything in one place, easy to access! The best part is that there are some more! 

Creating a post with Postfity

Both Postfity and SocialBU allow you to schedule posts to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

#2 SocialBU vs Postfity – Posts Inspirations

Unfortunately, there are no posts inspirations available if you decide to buy a plan with SocialBU. It is just a pure social media scheduler. 

In Postfity, we believe that scheduling posts is not enough. That’s why we’re trying to improve our App all the time. In order to help our customers get inspiration for their posts (because everyone sometimes struggles with that), we created IdeasSocial Tips Calendar, and Holidays Calendar sections. You can find there plenty of articles and posts ready-to-use and schedule.

Postfity's Social Tips Calendar
Postfity's ideas for posts

#3 SocialBU vs Postfity – Interface 

SocialBU’s interface looks quite intuitive. After logging into your account, you will see the menu bar on the left side. Yet, all the available features seem a bit limited and there are not many options.

SocialBU's panel after logging in

Postfity’s panel looks quite rich, and all the functions are visible clearly. You can find a menu bar on the top of the site and on the left, you can choose an appropriate account or add a new one. If you struggle with anything or you simply don’t know how to use some functions, you can go to the Knowledge Base and read the article there. 

Postfity's main panel

#4 SocialBU vs Postfity – Knowledge Base

Another important thing is getting to know the application. If it’s easy to use and user-friendly, then probably everyone will be able to use it. What if it is a bit more complicated but we can’t get any solutions? That’s something you can experience using SocialBU. After creating an account and logging into the panel, you don’t know what to do, and there are no tips on further configuration. After clicking on the “help” button, you will be directed to a different page with the “FAQs” section, but unfortunately, it looks quite poor, and some of the articles don’t even work. 

SocialBU's knowledge articles

In Postfity, we’re trying our best to give you the finest customer service. That’s why we created a Knowledge Base where you can find answers to any questions regarding the App. You will learn step by step how to use each feature in our App. We prepared even more! On our Youtube channel, you can find tutorial videos if you prefer this kind of content. 

Postfity's knowledge base

#5 Teamwork options

Both social schedulers allow you to work in Teams and create drafts. Even to send them for approval.

With Postfity, you can easily work with different teams. You can create teams for different customers or different social media networks. Thanks to this, you can delegate work to specialists. 

You can also create drafts and send them for approvals (as a simple link, so there's no need to log in to applications) in order to improve and automatize your work within the team.

Postfity Post drafts landing

Have more control over who has access to certain things! After creating a team, you can give different permissions to each member, depending on their role. 

#6 SocialBU vs Postfity – Links in bio

If you're running an Instagram account, you probably know that it doesn't allow you to put any links with your posts. Well, it might be annoying, especially if you have a business profile where you want to sell products and maybe link your shop online. That's why Postfity has launched

Instagram lets you add only one link to your profile. is a landing page that you can design accordingly to your needs. It's easy to use and at the same time looks very professional. Thanks to it, you will have all of your important links, websites, and other social media in one place! How cool is that?

Final thoughts

As you can see Postfity offers much more than SocialBU. However, if you need something very simple with no additional features it might be a good option for you. If you would rather use an App that is not only a social media planner but also a great social media marketing tool, then go for a Postfity and give it a try! 

Check all the features and pricing.

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