7 best social media scheduling tools in 2023

October 11, 2021

We present 7, in our opinion, the best tools for planning and publishing posts — simultaneously on several social media channels. 

Since you are reading this post, you probably run profiles on several social media and are looking for tools for planning and publishing posts that will allow you to do it effectively, efficiently, and at the same time, save time. Or maybe you want to have everything in one place, consistent, and under control? Or schedule and publish posts in several channels at the same time? See what tools for scheduling and publishing posts you have at your disposal and what they can do.

Let’s get started!

Social media scheduling tools #1 Simplified

What do you get?

In the world of social media management, having the right tools can make a significant difference in streamlining workflows and maximizing efficiency. One such powerful platform is "Simplified," a comprehensive website that offers a range of features to enhance your social media experience. From designing graphics to scheduling posts and utilizing AI, Simplified provides a one-step solution for managing and optimizing your social media presence.

Key features of Simplified include:

  • Graphic Design: Access to a wide array of design options and free templates, similar to Canva, allowing for instant post creation without the need to switch between different applications.
  • Calendar and Scheduling: A built-in calendar feature that enables users to plan and schedule posts in advance, ensuring a consistent and organized social media presence.
  • Group Collaboration: Simplified facilitates collaborative work with its group functionality, allowing team members to approve or decline posts and add comments, promoting seamless teamwork.
  • AI-powered Enhancements: Simplified harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to improve both images and text. Users can choose from various templates tailored for different purposes, such as writing blog articles, crafting Instagram posts, or developing scripts for engaging reels.

These features are just a glimpse of the robust set of options offered by Simplified, making it an invaluable resource for efficient social media management. Whether you're an individual content creator or part of a team, Simplified provides the tools you need to elevate your social media game.


Simplified, a versatile platform, offers a range of pricing options designed to cater to various needs, from personal use to small teams, growing businesses, and larger enterprises. With a plethora of features and storage capacities, Simplified ensures that users can streamline their social media management efficiently.

Key pricing options for Simplified:

  1. Free Forever:
  2. Best for personal use and quick design and videos.
  3. Drag and drop design editor.
  4. 100k+ design templates.
  5. 10+ AI tools for quick photo editing.
  6. Collaboration with guests.
  7. Export in PNG, JPG, and PDF formats.
  8. 1 GB storage.
  1. Small Team:
  2. Ideal for small teams and freelancers starting with digital marketing.
  3. Pricing: $20/month (with a 35% discount available).
  4. Everything offered in the Free Forever plan, plus:
  5. Premium stock photos, music, gifs, and videos.
  6. Schedule and publish instantly on social media.
  7. Bulk design creation.
  8. 100 GB storage.
  1. Business (Most Popular):
  2. Perfect for growing teams scaling creatives, social, and blogs.
  3. Pricing: $33/month (with a 35% discount available).
  4. Everything offered in the Small Team plan, plus:
  5. Manage multiple brands.
  6. Save and publish templates.
  7. Create open and closed team spaces for separate projects, calendars, and clients.
  8. Assign roles, lock elements, and create unlimited folders.
  9. 200 GB storage.
  1. Growth:
  2. Suitable for bigger teams and high—growth businesses.
  3. Pricing: $81/month (with a 35% discount available).
  4. Everything offered in the Business plan, plus:
  5. Manage multiple clients, projects, and departments with team spaces.
  6. Fast content creation with bulk imports.
  7. Scale creatives and content creation.
  8. Create open, closed, and private team spaces.
  9. 500 GB storage.

With these pricing options, Simplified ensures that individuals and teams can find the right plan to meet their social media management needs, whether it's for personal use, small teams, growing businesses, or larger enterprises.

#2 Buffer

What do you get?

A tool for planning and publishing posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Mastodon, Shopify, Google Business, and LinkedIn.

In addition, analytics for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram: in the Buffer panel, you will see basic information about posts and profiles, such as the number of likes, comments, reposts, engagement, and number of fans. Recently, an option to support artificial intelligence has also been added. However, it is available in the Beta version.

One of the best social media scheduling tools - Buffer

Summary statistics for profiles, Buffer


There is a free version available, in which we can only manage three accounts and gain access to basic tools only, without planning and statistical analysis. The application can be tested for free for 14 days. Fees are charged for each social media account you use:

  • The lowest "plan" is $ 6 per month for 1 user and only 1 social account which allows you to publish unlimited pending posts. The team option costs $ 12 per month for 1 social account and gives you access to the team tools, including drafts.

Social media scheduling tools #3 Hootsuite

What do you get?

It supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, TikTok, and YouTube.. In addition to publishing a post, you can plan and budget for its promotion.

Scheduling an Instagram post with Hootsuite

Prepare the publication of posts in Hootsuite

What is more, in the analytics you will see basic post statistics: likes, reach, engagement, a number of reactions, and summary profile statistics.


There’s no free option. To set up a test account for 30 days, you must provide the card number. After this period, you will pay the following:

  • $99 for the professional package. You can add 1 user and up to 10 social accounts. So, if you want to work in a team, then start with a plan for:
  • $249 for the team package. You can add up to 3 users and 20 social accounts. From this level, you can also track traffic by URL (i.e., by direct link). This is important because you know which material has generated traffic and is most engaged with your audience.
  • $739 for the business package. You can add 5 users and up to 35 social profiles. This is where advanced functions appear, acceptance of messages to users, or a content library.
  • An enterprise package is also available, the functionalities and price of which are determined individually.

#4 Sprout Social

What do you get?

Scheduling, publishing, and analysing posts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter. Plus, message management and paid FB promotion options. As in the applications described above, here you have a calendar with the so-called "helicopter view".

Sprout Social's calendar view

SproutSocial Post Calendar


SproutSocial offers a free 30—day trial period for which no card connection is required. After that, you will pay:

  • $249 per month for the standard package for each user. In this package, you will add up to 5 social accounts. You will pay $199 for each additional user. You will also get tools for paid promotion on Facebook.
  • $399 for the professional package, where you add unlimited social accounts per user. You will also get more advanced tools, such as the ability to schedule and publish a post at the optimal time. What's more? You will also get a tool for paid promotion on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • $499 for the advanced package. It is already more than a planner and publisher, a combine for social media profiles. Includes e.g., chatbot and surveys to Twitter. You can also connect accounts, for example, from TripAdvisor.
  • enterprise package — to get a price, you need to contact Sprout Social. This offer is designed to match your expectations, so it is important to set it up individually.

Social media scheduling tools #5 CoSchedule

What do you get?

CoSchedule supports Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. You will schedule and publish posts, and then you’ll be able to see their statistics.

Calendar view with post plan, CoSchedule


There is no trial available. However, there is a free version as well as some paid ones. Let’s see then:

  • $0 — Free marketing calendar package to plan and publish your posts. As part of the package, you will add up to 2 social accounts and 1 user.
  • $39 (if billed annually, the price drops to $29 per month) — the marketing calendar pro package. In this plan, you can add up to 10 users for up to 10 social accounts, and you pay for each user separately. You get a bit more functions for it, mainly in terms of calendar planning, not just posts, but marketing.
  • If your needs are greater, there is also a package priced individually.

Social media scheduling tools #6 Kontentino

What do you get?

With Kontentino, you can plan and publish posts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest. When publishing a post, you can additionally specify a budget for a paid promotion.

Tools for planning and publishing posts

Planning a Kontentino post


You can test the application for free. After the 14-day trial period, you will pay:

  • $59 for the starter pack, where you add up to 3 users and 10 social media accounts.
  • $130 — standard package. You can add up to 10 users and 40 social accounts. This package also gives you the ability to work on the image in the built-in editor and create UTM (Urchin Tracking Module, i.e., parameters that can be added to the URL to allow you to specify many variables for incoming traffic to the site, e.g., source, campaign, or format ads). You will have to pay $13 for each additional user.
  • $240 — pro package. Thanks to it, you can add up to 10 users, and the number of social profiles will be unlimited. However, you will have to pay $24 for each additional user.
  • enterprise package — individually tailored to the client. Over 30 users. Contact Kontentino for more details.

Social media scheduling tools #7 PostPlanner

What do you get?

The application allows you to plan, publish and analyse posts for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Twitter (each post you have to plan separately).


You can test PostPlaner free of charge for 7 days. After the trial period, you will pay:

  • $5 for the "Single" package, which includes support for 1 account where you can schedule up to 50 posts. It should be noted, however, that this is "basic" scheduling feature, so it does not include, for example, Instagram reels, which may be crucial for some accounts.
  • $11 for the “Starter” package (when paying for the year, the cost is slightly less when billed monthly). You can add up to 3 social accounts to it. You can also schedule 150 posts. At this stage, the analytics option is still not available.
  • $39 for the “Growth” package – according to the website, the most popular one. It includes the ability to connect up to 10 social accounts and schedule up to 1,000 posts. There is also the option of two users, as well as premium analytics and planning, which means that e.g., reel scheduling becomes possible here.
  • $69 for the "Business" package. With it, you can add up to 25 social media accounts, schedule 5,000 posts, and add 5 users. Of course, it also has all the features of the previous packages.
  • $339 for the "Enterprise" package. The last available package with the most possibilities. It allows you to add 200 social media accounts as well as schedule up to 2000 posts. There is also an option to add up to 15 users.

The 7 best tools for scheduling and publishing posts on social media – final words

This article might as well be called "7 Marketing Tools to Make Your Life Easier". Or “7 Posting Tools That Will Save You Time”. Choose what suits you best and build engagement on social media :)

*Applications such as Later or Planoly were not included in the ranking of the best tools for planning and publishing posts on social media due to limited functionality.

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