All your Social Media Posts for 2020 planned for you! Check out our new Social Media Posts Calendar aka Social Tips Calendar!

Save even more time with our ready-to-use Social Posts Calendar – our new feature Social Tips Calendar is now live 🎉!

Postfity not only saves your time by allowing you to post on all your social media platforms at once and plan your posts into the future – but now also gives you content suggestions what to post on your social media every day – for free!

…have you already started planning your posts for 2020?


January for most businesses is all about planning:

👉planning your budget

👉 planning your marketing activities

👉…and your content calendar, including your social media posts...which takes a lot of time 😭

…what if I told you we have done the last thing for you??

Sounds too good to be true?

We actually have!

With our new Social Tips Calendar you get:

  • social media post ideas
  • tips what to post on each day, including holidays and special occasions; 
  • relevant hashtags for each day of the week;
  • and ready-to-use posts with inspirational quotes with the right #hashtags directly in your favourite social media scheduler – completely for free! 🎉


Here are examples of the posts you will find in the Social Tips Calendar:


#MondayMotivation – share a motivational post / quote, e.g. “Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.” — George Addair from


#TuesdayTip: Share a useful tip on how to solve a problem that your audience/ customers are experiencing in a smart way. E.g. Tired of posting on Social Media every day? A social media scheduler like will help you plan and schedule a whole month’s worth of posts in just one day! + It comes with Post Suggestions Calendar – with a tip on what to post every day of the month!


#WinningWednesday – ask your audience to share their successes from the last 1-2 weeks with you under the post 2) Repurpose 1 paragraph of your latest blog post into a social media post


#ThrowbackThursday – Share your most popular [blog or social media] post from last week


#FunFriday – share a behind-the-scenes photo of your team/ business; encourage followers to do the same


#SaturdayReads – share an interesting article, post, podcast or video related to your industry/ the interests of your audience. Can be your own, or from another blog (not your competitor’s, of course 😉)


#SundayPlanning – share your plans for the following week, ask your audience to do the same; 2) Share your new blog post – take one paragraph of your blog post and repurpose it into a social media post + add a link to the blog post;

How to use our Social Tips Calendar?

social tips calendar

👉 Go to, open a account & check out the ‘Social Tips Calendar’ in the top bar!

Or watch Emilia’s new YouTube video on how to use it!

Save even more time & get better results with our Social Tips Calendar! 🎉