All your Social Media Posts for 2020 planned for you! Check out our new Social Media Posts Calendar aka Social Tips Calendar!

January 14, 2020

Save even more time with our ready-to-use Social Posts Calendar - our new feature Social Tips Calendar is now live ????!

Postfity not only saves your time by allowing you to post on all your social media platforms at once and plan your posts into the future - but now also gives you content suggestionswhat to post on your social mediaevery day - for free!

...have you already started planning your posts for 2020?


January for most businesses is all about planning:????planning your budget???? planning your marketing activities????...and your content calendar, including your social media posts...which takes a lot of time ????

...what if I told you we have done the last thing for you??

Sounds too good to be true?We actually have!

With our new Social Tips Calendar you get:

  • social media post ideas
  • tips what to post on each day, including holidays and special occasions; 
  • relevant hashtags for each day of the week;
  • and ready-to-use posts with inspirational quotes with the right #hashtags directly in your favourite social media scheduler - completely for free! ????

Here are examples of the posts you will find in the Social Tips Calendar:


#MondayMotivation - share a motivational post / quote, e.g. "Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear." — George Addair from


#TuesdayTip: Share a useful tip on how to solve a problem that your audience/ customers are experiencing in a smart way. E.g. Tired of posting on Social Media every day? A social media scheduler like will help you plan and schedule a whole month's worth of posts in just one day! + It comes with Post Suggestions Calendar - with a tip on what to post every day of the month!


#WinningWednesday - ask your audience to share their successes from the last 1-2 weeks with you under the post 2) Repurpose 1 paragraph of your latest blog post into a social media post


#ThrowbackThursday - Share your most popular [blog or social media] post from last week


#FunFriday - share a behind-the-scenes photo of your team/ business; encourage followers to do the same


#SaturdayReads - share an interesting article, post, podcast or video related to your industry/ the interests of your audience. Can be your own, or from another blog (not your competitor's, of course ????)


#SundayPlanning - share your plans for the following week, ask your audience to do the same; 2) Share your new blog post - take one paragraph of your blog post and repurpose it into a social media post + add a link to the blog post;

How to use our Social Tips Calendar?

social tips calendar

????Go to, open a account & check out the 'Social Tips Calendar' in the top bar!

Or watch Emilia's new YouTube video on how to use it!

Save even more time & get better results with our Social Tips Calendar! ????

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