The biggest mistakes when running social media profiles

September 4, 2018

Postfity helps you to schedule your messages, let us help you to avoid popular mistakes on Social Media :)

1. Not monitoring social media

Your customers live 24/7 and this world is focused on social media activities, you should remember that timing matters. GenZers are not used to wait for the proper customer service.If you’re having problem to manage social media answers, you should subscribe for monitoring services, like Brand 24. They will let you know when your action is needed.

2. Language adequate to followers

Target your audience:millennials – short information,child products – remember to put some tips for the parents,B2B – be professional.Understand your target audience and make messages that are worthy to them – here you can find our tips on content marketing.

3. Forgetting about mobile devices

With the beginning of 2018, this problem is no longer a massive issue. Still, few companies forget how many people are using only only mobile devices to look for something.Test the company’s webpage on few mobile devices.

4. Being rude

It might be obvious, but still, a lot of companies forget about it. Don't fight with a customer, never put anything that might harm them.

5. Buying fans

Marketers are familiar with that and the possibility to buy followers. It easy to find out, if someone has bought fans. 10% of your audience should be active under each post. Thousands of followers and 5 likes – fake followers account.

6. Bad hastags

Hashtags are used to find interest. Do not use hashtags when it doesn't suit the topic, even if that hashtag is trending.Do not misslead audience.

7. Wrong link

Not always it is a big mistake, but sometimes it is better to double check.Linking a product? Make sure it is to the right one and the link is working.

8. Miss-linking people

It’s disrespectful. Especially when the people you’re tagging are famous. Always make sure people who manage social media accounts are familiar with the industry & topics they write about.Hey Total Beauty, it's Whoopi not Oprah! ;)

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