9 Social Media Marketing Tools You Need to Try in 2021

October 19, 2021

When running an online business, it is impossible to do everything separately. This is where marketing tools come in handy. You’ll learn about the best social media marketing tools in 2021. Thanks to them, you will efficiently perform planned tasks, obtain the necessary data and be more effective. As a result — you will develop your business and gain more customers.

In this article, we have collected social media marketing tools 2021 for businesses that will improve your work in many areas. They will be helpful in preparing materials for publication or brand monitoring. In addition to applications, we’ll show you online marketing tools available online from the browser on a smartphone.

Let's start with the tools that you will probably use most often. It’s because obviously publication in social media is commonplace in the life of every online business. For example, one of our users — Helen Finnan from Shortlist — publishes up to over 10 social media posts a day. Doing it without any tool would take ages. And thanks to planning tools and automatic publication (in this case Postfity), it not only saves time but also achieves spectacular results. In the case of her company, she increased the organic reach on LinkedIn by 2666% in just 4 months (!). You can find more about this story at this link and now let's move on to the tools.

1. Planning and publishing posts on social media

#1 Social Media Marketing Tools 2021 — Postfity

With Postfity, you can easily and quickly plan and publish posts as well as analyze them. Postfity supports the most popular social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Vkontakte.

With this social media marketing tool 2021, you can also schedule videos for LinkedIn/Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest/Google My Business/Facebook, as well as Facebook cover photos.

When planning your content, you can add it to the queue and plan the order in which it will be published. You can schedule up to 10,000 posts and 200 cover photos for Facebook.

Postfity also provides statistics on published posts, comments, likes, and shares. Thanks to this, you can easily check which content is most engaging.

In Postfity, in addition to the functionality of planning and publishing content, you can also make use of:

  • Graphics editor, with a database of free photos, stickers, and filters,
  • Ideas for content, i.e., articles grouped by the topic (e.g., business, society, science, etc.). You can easily share them on a profile of your choice. In the Social Tips Calendar tab — you’ll find ready-to-post content for each day of the month :)

Social Tips Calendar from Postfity
  • adding a watermark — you will be able to automatically add a watermark to your graphics and images. Why do you need a watermark? This is the image aspect - you can immediately see who the author/owner of the photos is. It also protects against their unauthorized use. You can read more about watermarks in our article here.
  • teamwork — you can easily add new people to your team and assign them different access levels. Thanks to the teamwork feature, you will have full control throughout the work.
  • statistics — clear and readable information about the popularity of your posts. On one chart, you can see various statistical data about a given channel: likes, number of posts, shares. And without any time limit - you can see the statistics in any period! Thanks to this, you can easily assess the information about which content arouses the greatest interest.

Postfity also allows you to fully manage the appearance of your profile - apart from the posts, you will also plan the publication of the cover (background photo) on Facebook!

The Postfity application works in the browser, for iOS and Android. 

You can test Postfity for free! 

[reblex id='20088']

The “Publish now” option, graphic editor, content ideas, link shortener, and unlimited history - available with each package. Find out more about the packages HERE.

2. Marketing applications for business: creating graphics

When publishing online - whether it's a blog post, content, or sending mailings - you need good and relevant illustrations for your content. Of course, social media marketing tools for businesses will help you with this ????

#2 Snapseed

Snapseed is a versatile photo editor. It is a great tool equipped with both simple and advanced tools for image editing - including RAW photos. You can choose from tons of filters and effects — and it's completely free.

Social media marketing tools 2021 for businesses: Snapseed
source: Snapseed, Google Store

The app is distributed — and developed — by Google and is available for Android and iOS.

#3 Social Media Marketing Tools 2021 - Over

If you use an iPhone every day, you will be delighted with the possibilities of Over. It is a comprehensive application for creating and editing graphics.

Social media marketing tools 2021 for businesses: Over
source: Over, App Store

With Over, you can quickly and easily add text to a selected photo, create brad graphics (e.g., logos) or images for social media. This application suggests the best formats for a given social media. It also offers the option of simple formatting and font selection from a constantly expanding database.

#4 Unsplash

Unsplash is a free photo database. If you need the perfect image, and you can’t find anything suitable — you will surely find it in this application. In addition to a wide selection of images, Unsplash offers interesting filtering options: apart from a category or a keyword, you can choose your preferred colors.

Social media marketing tools 2021: Unsplash image database

You can use this marketing application both in the browser window and directly from the smartphone's home screen.

3. Content inspiration

#5 Social Media Marketing Tools 2021 - Quora

Quora is a question-and-answer platform where anyone can ask questions on any topic they are interested in and get answers.

You will learn what your customers are looking for and what they ask. This allows you to prepare interesting content - whether in the form of a blog entry, or posts and graphics on social media. The application also suggests similar queries - you can also use them as inspiration for the content.

You can also use Quora to find interesting web-places, where it is worth posting your information.

Social media marketing tools 2021: Quora for content inspiration
Marketing tools: Quora

This marketing app is free. You can download it for iOS and Android. 

#6 BuzzSumo

With BuzzSumo you can easily and quickly find ideas for inspiring content for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or YouTube. For example, you can find inspiration by checking what attracts people to thematic profiles or to your competitors. With this marketing app, you will also find out which content causes the greatest user engagement.

Marketing app for businesses: BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo will show you what content is most popular in your industry. The application shows the most popular posts of a certain blog or pages (including competitors) in terms of the number of content shares on various social networks and the number of so-called backlinks. This makes it one of the most popular tools for monitoring social media (and not only).

You can use BuzzSumo in your smartphone browser. You can test the application for free for 30 days, after this period, you will pay for it from $79 per month.

4. Monitoring the effects

Whatever you do, it's important to be aware of the results of your actions. This is where marketing applications for business come in handy again.

Start with tools that will allow you to monitor phrases and mentions.

#7 Social Media Marketing Tools 2021 — Brand 24

Do you want to know what they say about you, how it happens, and exactly when and where? Brand24 is a marketing tool that monitors activities related to your brand. Thanks to this tool, you can check what customers say, whether their statements are positive, negative, or neutral. This will allow you to react on an ongoing basis, consciously building the image of your brand.

Marketing applications for businesses: Brand24
source: Brand24

Thanks to Brand24, you will find out how many mentions there are about your business and what coverage they have. In the application, you can also check the keywords you are interested in or the activities of the competition. However, that's not all — you can also use key phrase monitoring to acquire new customers.

You can test this social media marketing tool 2021 for free for 14 days. After the test period, the price ranges from $49 per month for 5 key phrases.

You can download the mobile app as well.

#8 Mention

Mention is a marketing tool for monitoring phrases and mentions. For those related to your company or brand, as well as the competition.

It allows you to conveniently monitor many different sources in search of valuable information. The application supports information portals, social networking sites, internet blogs, and any other websites.

Marketing tools: Mention
Source: Mention, Google Store

5. Analytics and monitoring effects: shortening and monitoring links

#9 Social Media Marketing Tools 2021 - Bit.ly

Bit.ly is a tool mainly for shortening links. However, did you know that using Bit.ly, you will evaluate the effectiveness of individual communication channels? For example, you can send the same material in a newsletter or publish it on social media.

Thanks to Bit.ly’s statistics, you will find out for free which content builds the greatest engagement and, consequently, where and what is worth posting.

Monitoring the effects with Bit.ly

If you want to use more links, QR codes, or have your own domain name instead of bitly in the address, the subscription starts from $29 per month. Therefore, comparing the price to the capabilities of other tools - Bit.ly is a nice and convenient solution for tracking activity, but it is the best in the free package.

You can use Bit.ly with the browser.


Link shortening and monitoring are some of the basic functions of Postfity discussed earlier.

To receive individual UTM codes (tracking codes with information about the source) for each published linked, you need to just select this option by entering the content of the post or simply just select it in the setting tab. 

UTM settings

Then this operation will be running automatically for each added post.

This functionality is available in every Postfity package.

Social Media Marketing Tools 2021 for businesses — summary

You already know that social media marketing tools 2021 can be helpful in your daily work. In many cases, you can even use them for free.

Check them out and see which ones you like the most and which ones meet your expectations. 

And if you have questions or want to know more, you can:

  • sign up for our newsletter and grab some useful tips about communication in SoMe (we usually send it no more than once a month)
  • follow us on Twitter /Facebook/ Instagram or LinkedIn
  • read our blog :)

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