SkedSocial Alternatives — Price, Functionality, Similarities and Differences

February 4, 2021
Skedsocial landing page
SkedSocial homepage

SkedSocial is an Instagram-first social media management tool that also supports Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to publish and schedule social media content. It is best for users who focus first on Instagram with the other social channels being support channels for their content marketing. Despite its powerful Instagram capabilities, it does have its own limitations depending on what you are looking for in SkedSocial alternatives in terms of features, pricing, team functionalities and ease of use.In this article, we will look at some of the best SkedSocial alternatives for marketers who are looking for other options.SkedSocial Alternatives — Table of Contents

SkedSocial Alternatives for Different Social Media Platforms

SkedSocial is an Instagram-first content marketing solution that also supports other social networks. Here are all the social platforms supported by Sked.

  • Instagram,
  • Facebook,
  • Twitter,
  • LinkedIn.

Best SkedSocial Alternatives for Facebook

SkedSocial enables the publishing and scheduling of content to Facebook. It also enables bulk uploading of content and comes with a social media calendar and unlimited post drafts.For content marketers who are looking for other solutions, these 3 SkedSocial alternatives are great options:

  • Postfity — allows you to schedule or publish social media content to Facebook business pages. Comes with a content calendar as well to help you stay on track of your content marketing calendar. Has bulk scheduling features and a content ideas section to ensure you and your team stay inspired while creating content. Try Postfity for free today!
Postfity as SkedSocial alternative
Postfity homepage
  • Planable — schedule content to Facebook business pages without too much hassle. You can also seek approval of the content from your clients to ensure it is accepted for scheduling.
  • Publer — Publish or schedule content to Facebook pages and profiles with the features of bulk uploading, unlimited posts and post previews to ensure you know how your posts will look like when you send them out.

Best SkedSocial Alternatives for Twitter

Using SkedSocial you can publish or schedule your content to Twitter post by post or in bulk. You are also able to collaborate with your team to generate content in a workflow that is seamless.While SkedSocial is a good option for Twitter, there are SkedSocial alternatives that enable you to achieve the same results. These include:

  • Postfity — plan, schedule and publish content to multiple Twitter accounts easily using Postfity. It also comes with the ability to schedule Twitter videos, tag other Twitter users directly in the scheduled content, manage clients as a team with different approval levels, and create snapshots on Twitter to share on other channels like Facebook and Instagram.
Postfity Twitter scheduler
Postfity Twitter Scheduler
  • Planable — get approval of content from your clients before scheduling it to publish on Twitter private or business accounts. In addition, the content calendar helps you stay on track of your content marketing goals.
  • Publer — quickly plan, schedule or publish content to Twitter accounts with the ability to preview posts, recycle them or even get hashtag suggestions.

Best SkedSocial Alternatives for Instagram

This is where SkedSocial shines with the features it packs for Instagram marketing. It comes with a social media content calendar for Instagram posts, a drag-and-drop visual content planner, product tagging, location tagging and a hashtag manager among other functionalities.That said, if you are looking for SkedSocial alternatives, the following 3 options will suffice:

  • Planable — supports Instagram and comes with the ability to request for content approval from clients before scheduling the content for publishing.
  • Publer — aside from supporting Instagram scheduling, it also has lots of hashtag suggestions for your posts, ability to upload media from a URL, and schedule recurring posts.
  • Hootsuite — plan and schedule posts for Instagram publishing, schedule both images and videos easily, create quality Instagram stories and monitor the performance of these posts in terms of reach and engagement.

Best SkedSocial Alternatives for LinkedIn

Despite being Instagram-first, Sked is also good at scheduling content to publish on LinkedIn pages.These 3 options are also good alternatives to SkedSocial for the same role:

  • Postfity — you can schedule up to 10,000 posts at once to LinkedIn pages and personal profiles. You can also publish or schedule videos directly to LinkedIn as well as the ability to bulk upload posts for scheduling.
skedsocial alternatives for linkedin
Postfity LinkedIn scheduler
  • Planable — supports scheduling content to both LinkedIn private profiles and business pages. The content approval feature helps your clients approve content before you schedule it for publishing on LinkedIn.
  • Publer — plan and schedule content to publish to LinkedIn private profiles and business pages. Easily preview posts before publishing and schedule posts in bulk at once if they are ready.

Best SkedSocial Alternatives for Vkontakte

SkedSocial does not support Vkontakte. However, this SkedSocial alternative below is the best option for marketers who want to schedule content for Vkontakte:

  • Postfity — allows you to schedule content to Vkontakte pages, private profiles, groups and events you manage. The bulk uploader helps you upload several posts at once for scheduling, and the content calendar helps you keep track of the content schedule.
skedsocial alternatives for vkontakte
Postfity Vkontakte scheduler

SkedSocial Pricing — Cheaper SkedSocial’s Alternatives

SkedSocial alternatives
SkedSocial pricing

SkedSocial’slowest package starts from $25 per month and includes 1 user, 1 Instagram account, 2 other social accounts and unlimited posts.In comparison, SkedSocial alternatives are priced as follows:

  • Postfity — lowest plan starts at $14.99 per month and includes 1 user, 15 social accounts and 100 pending posts.
  • Planable — lowest plan starts at $39 per month and includes 1 user, 1 workspace of 4 social media accounts and unlimited posts.
SkedSocial alternatives
Planable pricing
  • Publer - the silver plan is the lowest paid plan at $10 per month and includes 1 user, 5 social accounts and unlimited scheduled posts.

SkedSocial offers 3 social accounts at its basic price and Instagram must be one of them. It will cost you an extra $15 per month for every additional Instagram account and an extra $7 per month for any additional social account like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.The cost of SkedSocial can go quite high for a team or users who manage several social media accounts. From the basic plan pricing, SkedSocial costs $8.3 per social account. Postfity costs $1 per social account while Planable costs $9.75 per social account and Publer costs $2 per social account per month.[reblex id='20012']It is clear that the most affordable SkedSocial alternative is Postfity which costs less per social media account and allows truly large teams to enjoy affordable pricing with great content marketing features.

SkedSocial Value for Money - Which Alternative gives you more accounts, features and social accounts per $

From the comparison on the pricing section, we saw that it costs $8.3 per social account per month on average if you use SkedSocial. If you use Postfity, that cost comes down to $1 per social media account per month.However, price is not always the only factor that determines the value of a service or tool. There are other things like features, ease of use, number of social accounts in the package, among other things.

SkedSocial pricing and value

In the case of SkedSocial, the lowest plan despite costing $25 per month comes with several other features as follows:

  • Instagram posting
  • Instagram planning
  • Instagram and Facebook page analytics
  • Content curation and creation
  • Content collaboration
  • My Facebook, Twitter and Google my business pages
  • Support and security

On the other hand, Postfity’slowest plan costs $9.99 per month and comes with 15 social accounts, 1 user, 100 pending posts and more features below:

  • Precise posts scheduling
  • “Post now” – fast publishing to multiple social accounts at once
  • Built-in image editor
  • Browser extension
  • Calendar view
  • Post Ideas – interesting and trending posts suggestions
  • Covers scheduling – up to 7 covers scheduled at once
  • Link shortener
  • Postfity plans and value

[reblex id='20291']Postfity provides more social accounts, a lower price and lots of features for only $14.99. If you were to add the same number of social accounts in SkedSocial, it would cost more than 10 times Postfity’s price. In this case, Postfity provides more value for money.

SkedSocial Ease of Use - Easier Alternatives

SkedSocial’s interface is quite complex but easier to use than you would expect. They have a great onboarding system that gives you a tour of the platform and carries you through setting up your first social account and scheduling your first post.

sked social
SkedSocial onboarding
sked social alternative
SkedSocial calendar

While you don’t experience any bugs or workflow issues using SkedSocial, it does feel quite complex and might need a bit of learning for a beginner. These 3 alternatives below can be great for marketers who are looking for other options:

  • Postfity — very gentle learning curve and has great onboarding. Easy to set up your accounts. You can see everything you need quite fast since it is all well labelled in one window. The tool’s easy to learn interface is great for beginners and pros alike.
postfity sked social alternative
Postfity interface
  • Planable — the interface is well organised but clean. Some things like the calendar will take a bit of finding. The interface is built for team and client collaboration on content and approvals.
planable sked social alternative
Planable calendar
  • Hootsuite — easy to learn the interface but like SkedSocial, it is also quite complex and might take a few days to understand how all the parts play together. However, it is great without any bugs or difficult workflows once you are tuned to it.

SkedSocial Team Functionality

SkedSocial is good for teams and supports team functionality. You can add any number of users to collaborate on work. The fundamental plan only accommodates 1 user. The other two higher plans each accommodate unlimited users.

SkedSocial Team functionality
SkedSocial pricing with team features

For great alternatives to SkedSocial in team functionality, consider the following tools:

  • Postfity — lowest plan accommodates 1 user, the mid-tier accommodates 10 users in 1 team, the largest plan accommodates up to 20 teams of 200 members in total. The tool also has different approval levels for team members.
Skedsocial alternatives
Postfity Team features
  • Planable - the lowest paid plan accommodates 3 users in 1 workspace with the highest plan allowing 7 team members in 5 workspaces. Collaboration is great between clients and teams for content approval.
  • Publer - lowest paid plan supports 1 user. You can add unlimited users but each user attracts an extra cost of $1 per month.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, SkedSocial is great for teams that are looking for a tool that is focused on Instagram first with the other social channels being support media accounts. It is at the core Instagram-first and for companies that want to get a tool that gives all the other networks such kind of focus, Postfity presents the best value for money due to the pricing, the number of supported social accounts per package, ease of use and team features.Try Postfity for free today!

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