Schedule Facebook covers – new feature!

Glad to announce that Postfity now has a fully-featured scheduler for covers!
Schedule covers directly from

Why exactly covers are so important?
Today multitude of social marketing projects is so vast, you need to deliver right information as fast as you can. Cover photos are both the first and the largest parts of Facebook pages. They make the first impression on visitor, everyone notices them.

Quick step by step guide:

1. Go to Covers tab.

You will see a covers scheduler.
Select Currently Facebook Pages are supported, more networks are coming soon.

Schedule covers
Schedule interval

Check the interval option to make it repeat on your timeline automatically after every given period.

This is a powerful feature which you can use for announcing important, repeatable events.
For example, if you are run a restaurant or a music club, and have frequent events like Student’s Thursdays, you can now announce that directly on your cover’s timeline. You schedule your covers once and then everything will be happening automatically, without any hassle 🙂

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2. Check covers timeline

After you schedule some covers, you can browse them below the form.

Covers timeline

You will find similar timeline in your Analytics, under Covers tab, except that one shows all covers which already have been set.

Feel free to reach us on any social media channel or official support and let us know if you like this feature!

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Postfity Team

PS. Learn how to use Facebook covers in your communication – read the article.