SaaS content marketing - 4 Best SaaS Content Marketing Tactics

May 29, 2019

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Image by rawpixel from Pixabay[/caption]You’ve heard it before: SaaS content marketing is fundamentally different to traditional marketing. As tricky as tailoring an effective SaaS content marketing strategy is, the success stories in the field are inspiring. Tricky due to the nature of the products sold by these companies. SaaS businesses offer solutions that are different than traditional products. Software products are not tangible, at least not in the same way physical products are. Besides, the keen competition makes it difficult to convince potential clients they need your products, rather than those of your competitors. It’s a harsh market to be in, and the ones feeling it the most are content marketers working for SaaS developers.Ultimately, advertising and marketing digital products are, indeed, very different from advertising physical products.

Why is Content Marketing for SaaS Products So Different?

Well, companies selling traditional, physical products can make generous revenue from a single sale. Sure, their main goal is keeping clients interested in their products, but there isn’t necessarily an ongoing partnership between the two.In the case of SaaS development companies, client retention is the goal of their business activity and marketing campaigns. “To generate revenue, they rely heavily on ongoing monthly subscriptions, and client retention is the utmost important part of their activity,” says Amanda Sparks, head of marketing for ensure their business to business SaaS content marketing campaigns have the expected result, marketers should follow the ideas below.

SaaS Marketing Tip #1: Write Engaging and Informative Content for Your Target Audience

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Source: HubSpot via Neil Patel[/caption]Marketers working for SaaS companies know it already. The best way to get new users of the service provided is through content marketing. The best way to reach prospective clients is by writing informative and engaging content for clients, packed with details that might solve their biggest problems.Most SaaS companies already filled the web with solutions for interested people and businesses. Through detailed content, they are also ready to turn those web searches into business leads. One of the easiest ways to tackle this strategy is by following the following steps.

  • Add a blog section to the company’s official website.
  • “Create a free course or a free audiobook to offer valuable information and solutions your prospective clients might be searching for,” advises Rachel Jones, head of the marketing department at com. This will boost the SaaS company’s reliability and trustworthiness in the face of competition.
  • Set an option where people can subscribe with their email to gain access to the free resources on the website.
  • Create high-quality content. With a keen competition in the SaaS product industry, you want your content to remain relevant and engaging, informative, and easy to navigate. You also have to find unique angles to approach the product. They should become a staple for the brand, as a whole. Pay attention to formulation and grammar issues business clients are more attentive to such issues than private users. If you have to translate the content for other versions of the website in a language you don’t speak, use professional writing or translation tools, like TripLingo, and Canada-Writers. Make sure to have a native speaker proofread your content before publication; language errors could put the reputation of your company at stake image.
  • Create case studies. These, together with tutorials, are proven to attract the most customers and have higher monetization rates.

SaaS Marketing Tip #2: Offer Free Trials to Boost Acquisition Rates

A perk that can be explored by SaaS companies is the advantage of being able to offer free trials for the product. Of course, this is not a decision the marketer can make, but you can propose a similar move to your client. The implementation phase of this suggestion is easy. After the free trial period ends, the consumer doesn’t have to give anything back to the SaaS company. They decide whether or not to continue with a paid subscription. Such deals have a series of advantages.

  • They make an intangible product tangible.
  • They are an impossible-to-miss offer. Imagine a business client searching for employee management software. When offered a free trial of the software, this becomes an impossible-to-miss opportunity. They get to try and interact with the system, to familiarize the department with it. And if the SaaS product is good enough, the business might stick to it.
  • Include free trials in your newsletters. This is more likely to boost acquisition and referrals.

SaaS Marketing Tip #3: Adopt Strategies to Encourage Activation

Getting potential clients to subscribe for free trials is only half of the workload when trying to market SaaS products. Making the subscriber actually use the product during the trial is the other half. However, marketers should refrain from implementing an aggressive email marketing strategy to reach this goal.

  • Write in-app prompts to guide the user through its features and help them become more familiar with the system. This is one of the best tactics to use when trying to boost SaaS products’ conversion rates.
  • It offers a huge automation opportunity for the marketer working for the SaaS company.
  • Create relevant in-app content. Once again, depending on the situation, you want to ensure the style and grammar are fully aligned with the company’s angle. OnlineWritersRating, Ginger, Pro Writing Aid, and Best Writers Canada are all services, apps, and tools that can help you achieve the perfect form for in-app content.

All the tactics above are proven to boost activation and retention rates for free-trial subscribers. Use them wisely.

SaaS Marketing Tip #4: Motivate Users to Make Referrals

Businesses today rely on recommendations from peers in the industry, before even considering making a purchase. Use this information to your advantage and work with the SaaS company to design and implement an effective referral system.

  • Advertise the referral program on all social media platforms of the company.
  • Adopt a friendly and call-to-action tone in the content you write for these social media posts.

Final Thoughts

Although creating content for SaaS players is trickier than it is for physical products, using the tips and tactics above will help you create the right type of content for the right type of consumer. Experiment and combine the tipP.S.: Using Postfity and loving it? Get 30% lifetime commission for each recommendation!Our first Affiliate Program is now open!

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