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October 2, 2018

Nowadays content marketing is the main aspect of advertising. Giving your audience worthy messages – here you can read about why is it worth to invest time in it.In this article, we would like you to show how you can reuse your old content.

First question is "why?" Why should we reuse old content?

  • New Audience. The Internet is flooded with too many information and any blog post or article might have been unnoticed.
  • Dusting Off. repurposing your content puts that old favorite up front and center, ensuring that great content is never forgotten.
  • Get more traffic.
  • Stop stressing over new topics - use valuable time for other projects.

Reusing old content gives a possibility to share more valuable topics more often or for special occasions. Data you already have might be useful to create a new infographic, another blog post or simply change your blog post to a podcast. Few ways to reuse already existing content. The power of it is almost infinite.

What Content Deserves A New Lease on Life?

  • Check What’s popular by looking through Google Analytics and choose the best blog post from last half a year.
  • Be familiar with industry news, maybe your old blog is now up to date.
  • Old content can be easily converted to another knowledge medium (article to video).
  • Quora question and answers; use them as your content to write a blog.
  • Guides, always share guides more often. Give clients a possibility to learn something new.

Not only resharing is a good option but also using old content to create a new one with minimal effort.

Refreshing existing content:

  • Turn your old content into podcasts.
  • Convert your blogs into guides and tips.
  • Create a SlideShare file.
  • Use Visual Content to build an interesting Pinterest board.
  • Pull out the Best Questions You Get on Support and Turn Them into Individual Blog Posts.
  • Share the Best of Your Content via a Newsletter.
  • Convert Internal Data into Case Studies.

Add “related post“ column to your blog to gain more traffic!Did we skip something? Write in comments!

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