Publer Alternatives ⁠— price, functionality, similarities and differences

January 18, 2021

Publer is a social media marketing and scheduling tool that supports Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube. It allows content marketers to plan and schedule content for publishing on these social media networks. It is a very versatile tool by virtue of supporting so many social networks. However, it has many of its own downsides depending on what your needs are as a content marketer.

For this reason, we are going to look at some of Publer’s best alternatives and what they offer in terms of functionality, user experience, pricing and value for money.

Publer Alternatives ⁠— Table of Contents

  • Publer Alternatives for Different Social Media Platforms
  • Publer Pricing ⁠— Cheaper XYZ’s Alternatives
  • Publer Value for Money ⁠— Which Alternative gives you more accounts, features and social account per $
  • Publer Ease of Use ⁠— Easier
  • Publer Team Functionality
  • Final Thoughts

Publer Alternatives for Different Social Media Platforms

As stated earlier, Publer supports the following social media platforms:

  • Facebook,
  • Twitter,
  • LinkedIn,
  • YouTube,
  • Instagram,
  • Pinterest.

Let us find out the best Publer alternatives for some of these social media networks:

Best Publer Alternatives for Facebook

Publer supports scheduling and posting to Facebook profiles, pages, groups and events. If you are looking for alternatives that allow you to schedule social media content to Facebook, these 3 are good options:

  • Postfity ⁠— schedule and publish to Facebook pages at once. Track your content schedule and pending posts using the content calendar. In addition, you get content ideas weekly that you can tweak and use in your content plan. Try Postfity for free today!
postfity publer alternatives
  • Hootsuite ⁠— Schedule and publish to Facebook profiles and pages easily. You can also track your advertising budget and boost the posts to reach a wider audience. In addition, you can schedule or publish videos directly.
  • Kontentino ⁠— helps you get the social media content approved by the client, schedule and publish to Facebook directly. Best for use by social media agencies that require client approval before publishing content.

Best Publer Alternatives for Twitter

Publer works well for Twitter scheduling and publishing tweets. You can basically schedule or publish to Twitter profiles and pages using Publer.

For content marketers that are looking for the best Publer alternatives for Twitter, these 3 alternative software below will be sufficient for the purpose:

  • Postfity ⁠— Easily schedule content or publish directly to Twitter pages and private profiles. You also get the content calendar to track your full Twitter content schedule so that you stay on top of your content marketing.
  • Hootsuite ⁠— supports publishing or schedule content to publish on both business profiles and personal profiles. Easy to set up and has tracking capabilities that provide you data with how your tweets are performing in terms of engagement to help you improve.
  • Buffer ⁠— publishing or scheduling to Twitter profiles and pages is fast and efficient. Analytics provide you with data on your Twitter social media content marketing performance.

Best Publer Alternatives for Instagram

Publer’s functionalities for Instagram require you to first connect your Publer to Zapier then to Instagram since Instagram does not provide a public API that would support third-party publishing. Automatic publishing happens via Zapier. However, after the cumbersome setup between these 3 platforms, it starts to work.

For a more seamless setup and Instagram content scheduling process, here are some good alternatives to Publer:

  • Hootsuite ⁠— easily connects to your Instagram without requiring to create other accounts with external platforms. Schedule and publish to Instagram through the Hootsuite web or mobile application. Keep track of your hashtags while using/reusing them as needed.
  • Buffer ⁠— schedule your Instagram posts and Buffer will send a notification to your phone with the post so that you click to post on Instagram via your Instagram mobile app.
  • Planoly ⁠— schedule content to Instagram and publish using the Planoly mobile app. In addition, Planoly allows you to add links for payment in the Instagram posts if you are posting e-Commerce products for example.

Best Publer Alternatives for LinkedIn

Publer supports scheduling content to LinkedIn profiles and business pages. You can schedule links, plain text posts, images and videos.

If you are looking for another option, these 3 Publer alternatives will do the same functions and more:

  • Postfity ⁠— schedule and publish directly to LinkedIn business pages and private profiles. In addition, you get a content ideas section where you can get content inspiration from and tweak it to fit your brand. Lastly, Postfity’s content calendar shows you all the content that is scheduled or pending in order to keep track of your content plan and schedules.
publer alternatives
  • Kontentino ⁠— for social media agencies that require content approval from clients, Kontentino is a good alternative since it supports LinkedIn pages and profiles as well.
  • Buffer ⁠— easily schedule your content and it will automatically publish to LinkedIn. You can track the performance of your content strategy to ensure that you are staying on top of your content marketing goals.

LinkedIn scheduling on Buffer

Best Publer Alternatives for Vkontakte

Publer does not support Vkontakte at the moment. This is the best alternative for social media content marketers who are on the lookout:

  • Postfity ⁠— supports scheduling and publishing content to Vkontakte business pages, profiles, groups and events. Scheduled content also appears in the content calendar to help you stay on top of your content strategy.
publer alternatives

Publer Pricing ⁠— Cheaper Publer’s Alternatives

Publer’s lowest pricing starts with the silver package from $10 per month for 1 user, 5 social media accounts, and unlimited scheduling. The price increases when you add extra users and social media accounts. For every additional social account, you pay an extra $2 per month. For every additional user, you pay an extra $1 per month.

publer pricing

In comparison, here is how Publer alternatives fair:

  • Postfity ⁠—the lowest plan starts at $14.99 per month allowing 1 user, 15 social accounts and 100 pending posts.
  • Hootsuite ⁠— the smallest plan starts at $19 per month for 1 user, 10 social profiles and unlimited scheduling allowing as many pending posts as you need.
  • Buffer ⁠— starts from $5 per month for 1 user, 1 social account and an unlimited number of posts. If you want to work in a Team, then you pay 10$ for each social media account.

From the comparison above, Postfity comes out as a clear contender for the alternative to Publer based on pricing and features. To understand better, we like to do a simple cost per social account analysis.

[reblex id='20012']

Publer’s plan offers 5 social accounts at $10 per month. This means each social media account costs you $2 per month. On the other hand, Postfity offers 15 social accounts at $14.99 per month resulting in a cost of around $1 per social account. In the same comparison, Hootsuite costs $1.9 per account and Buffer costs $5 to 10$ per account. This makes Postfity a very affordable scheduling tool for content marketers looking for Publer alternatives.

Publer Value for Money ⁠— Which Alternative gives you more accounts, features and social account per $

Carrying on from the pricing comparison, we will compare value for money for Publer and Postfity.

publer plans and pricing

Publer’s cost per social media account is $2 per month. Including the basic features (1 user, 5 social accounts and unlimited scheduling) it also comes with the following additional features:

  • Unlimited drafts
  • Bulk scheduling (500 posts at once)
  • Media library (unlimited storage)
  • Canva integration
  • Automatic RSS posting
  • Analytics
  • Watermark photos
  • Signatures
  • Schedule follow-up comments
  • Autoshare & autodelete
  • Create additional teams
  • Eternal posts history

Postfity’s cost per social account is $0.67 per month. The basic features include 1 user, 15 social accounts and 100 pending posts. Other additional features include:

  • Precise posts scheduling
  • “Post now” – fast publishing to multiple social accounts at once
  • Built in image editor
  • Browser extension
  • Calendar view
  • Post Ideas – interesting and trending posts suggestions
  • Covers scheduling – up to 7 covers scheduled at once
  • Link shortener

While Publer’s options and additional features offer good value for money, Postfity’s lower pricing per social account and additional features to accompany that give it an edge as a worthwhile Publer alternative with great value for money. In addition, as you will see below, Postfity allows you to have a larger team with more features at an even lower cost as compared to Publer.

Publer Ease of Use ⁠— Easier Alternatives

Publer has a working onboarding experience that takes you through various onboarding steps to set up your account well without struggling through the platform.

publer easier alternatives

The interface is also easy to understand and work with for scheduling various content on various social platforms.

publer UX

For an equally good experience, marketers who are looking for Publer alternatives should consider the following options:

  • Postfity ⁠— it is simple and easy to set up. Once you create your account, your setup process is as easy as it gets. You can see what you need to set up a social account, and start scheduling content immediately. The content calendar, ideas calendar, analytics, covers and teams are all easily accessible without any bugs or workflow issues.
postify social media scheduler
  • Hootsuite ⁠— An incredible onboarding process in a very complex platform. Despite the many functionalities of Hootsuite, the onboarding guide will help you get set up faster.
hootsuite dashboard
  • Buffer ⁠— it is simple to also set up and get started with scheduling your content immediately without worrying too much about the extra features.
buffer dashboard

Publer Team Functionality

Publer allows for great team functionality. However, for each additional team member, it charges an extra $1 per month.

For marketers who are looking for Publer alternatives, these 3 tools also allow for team functionality:

  • Postfity ⁠— the mini package only allows 1 user. However, the mid-tier supports 10 team members at $44.99 per month and the largest plan supports up to 200 team members at a cost of $119.99 per month.
postfity plan functionalities
  • Hootsuite ⁠— the lowest plan is for 1 user, followed by the team plan for 3 users at $99 per month and finally 5 users at $599 per month.
  • Buffer ⁠— The free plan supports 1 user, 3 social accounts and only gives you basic tools and no support. There are no starter plans or any plans whatsoever. You pay per social media account: 5$ in the personal option, and 10$ if you opt for the Team pack add-on. With monthly subscription the costs rise to 6$ or 12$ per account. There is no pending posts limit. The Team pack has "extra collaboration and reporting features", like drafting and reports.

In conclusion, Publer is a great solution for social media content managers to use due to its versatility and number of platforms it supports. However, as we saw in the value for money section, by using Postfity you get more bung for your buck in as far as number of social accounts is concerned, and generally you save more on Postfity if you have a team.

Try Postfity for free today!

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