Psychology in SM – 4 basic triggering tactics to remember

February 23, 2015

In each business first of all you need to understand the psychology of your customers, then it will be easier to find out how to attract them to your business offer. However you should not be a professional psychologist in order to understand the easy tips for grabbing more attention to your fun page and products, you will have to use triggers – special boosters for human’s sub-consciousness. In simple words trigger is an impulse which influences our brain, and therefore our behavior. You can use those triggers in order to remind your clients that your product is exactly what they are searching for.

For the beginning let’s see how human brain works, so this will help you to raise the sales. Our brain can be divided into the left and right



The right segment is responsible for such functions as analysis, which means when you think or talk about statistical data, facts you use this part of brain.On the other hand the left segment is responsible for such factors as behavior and how you make your decisions. It does not include numbers words, but mostly your emotional behavior.Based on this we react on these factors, which would be mentioned below.

  1. Faces

Remind yourself the main page of LinkedIn or other famous landing pages. Many of them use pictures with people’s faces. This is quite significant psychological trick, because when we see faces on the picture, in advertising campaigns it is naturally taking/catching our attention, especially if those faces are expressing particular emotions, which you want others to associate your product or service with (joy, happiness, relaxation, shock, curiosity, excitement etc.).

  1. Create a common “enemy”

Create an “enemy” against which you and your clients would fight. Basically due to our human psychology a common enemy unites people, we find such people similar to us and their behavior similar to ours, because we have a common vision, idea and interests. This factor is a key one to use in your business/ marketing strategy. You can fight against “bad quality products” from the area of business where you work and develop your product, you can create tones of negative figures to unite people with one common idea.

  1. Create stories

When you read a book, you not only receiving an information which the author gives you,but also you use your own imagination and each of us can have different imagination and vision while reading the same book/ story. This makes it so unique, you don’t see the story you create it in your brain due to the given scenario. This is a trigger for your social media strategy- create cool stories for your products and even better for your brand. People will have various emotions which will also influence their decision making part of the brain.

  1. Emotional messaging

Here is the list of the most common emotional reactions people love to share in social media: tender emotions, funny moments, aha moment, unity, contradictory feelings, shock, amazement, discovery, sexuality.

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