How to post a YouTube video to Instagram?

Well, first of all – a word of warning. Posting a YouTube video to Instagram is incredibly hard. There is a way (which we will describe below) – but why not just get a Postfity account and post from there? ūüėČ

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Here’s how to post a YouTube video to Instagram from mobile (similar steps can be used for desktop).

1. Download the YouTube video 

Find an app that allows to download YT videos by typing in ‚ÄúYouTube video downloader‚ÄĚ and follow the instructions.

2. Prepare the YouTube video for Instagram

Instagram only allows you to post videos betwee¬†3 and 60 seconds. You will need to edit your YouTube video if it’s longer than one minute.

You can do it with several video editing apps like Adobe Spark or Wondershare Filmora. You can add filters and stickers at this stage.

3. Put your video into your Gallery in MP4 format.

Then, go into your Instagram account, create a post (complete with the text, hashtags etc.) Make sure you attribute the author of the youtube video you’re posting on Instagram if it’s not yours to avoid infinging copyright laws!

4. Click Share.

And voila! You’ve just posted your first YouTube video to Instagram!